Discover Unique Vintage Toys & Memorabilia With New Virtual Museum Tours At The MINT Museum Of Toys

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 14 February
2022 – The MINT
Museum of Toys has recently reopened its doors to the public for
in-person viewings, complementing
the ultimate museum experience by introducing 360° virtual museum tours which provides visitors a good
glimpse and introduction of 2 of its permanent exhibitions.

Learn about vintage toys
and memorabilia from the safety and comfort of home with the MINT Museum of
Toys’ new virtual museum tours. Explore the ‘Collectables’ and ‘Childhood
Favourites’ permanent exhibitions through interactive digital modes of participation.

This digital project
adds an interactive digital dimension to the museum’s displays and is an
experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere for visitors – local and
international alike!

Using Virtual Platforms to Extend the Museum’s Collections
to a Larger Audience

Many museums globally
are now using virtual platforms to increase the accessibility and outreach of
their exhibitions.

This change has been
brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by broader trends within the
heritage and cultural institution world to innovate the traditional museum

The MINT Museum of Toys
has released its own virtual museum tours featuring the ‘Collectables’ and ‘Childhood
exhibitions, with over 100 interactive touchpoints across both tours.

Exploring Vintage Collectables and Childhood Favourites
Toys in a Different Light

The ‘Collectables’
virtual tour
includes themed collections that trace centuries of play, reflecting how major
global events have affected the world of toys. Hands-on exhibits show how toys
have captured and responded to historical, political, and cultural changes like
the Industrial Revolution, and the Globalisation and Commercialisation of the
19th and 20th centuries. Visitors can learn how toys are not just mere
playthings, but also valuable historical artefacts that document and preserve
the past.

Whereas the ‘Childhood
Favourites’ virtual tour offers visitors a glimpse into different experiences of early childhood
across the world, while showcasing some of the museum’s rarest and most
sought-after toys. Young visitors will especially enjoy a three-part
storytelling session as part of the Puppetry collection, as well as interactive
touchpoints that give the museum’s Teddy Bears and Dolls From Around The World
a voice to tell their stories.

Both virtual tours use
interactive elements and content-based touchpoints to give visitors a glimpse
beyond traditional museum labels. This includes further information on the
toys’ history and origins, voice-over narration to give the collections a
guided tour touch, and minigames that allow visitors to have fun while diving
into the toys’ backgrounds.

Through these
multi-sensory touchpoints, visitors can be immersed in the time period the toy
originated in, enabling them to learn and understand the deeper stories within.

Interested members of
the public can purchase virtual museum tours for ‘Collectables’ ($5) and ‘Childhood
Favourites’ ($8)
via the Virtual Museum Tour
page on the MINT
Museum of Toys website.

The MINT Museum of Toys
has launched virtual museum tours as part of an overarching digitalisation
strategy to grant people all over the world access to their unique collections
and exhibitions. By leveraging digital tools, the museum is ensuring that
audiences who are unable to visit the museum in-person can still learn from and
enjoy its collections.

Creating digital
products also innovates the traditional museum experience, providing visitors
with a refreshing and new way to learn, get curious, and anticipate upcoming
changes to the museum’s vintage toy collection. Ultimately, this complements
physical tours and acts as a stepping stone to get visitors interested in
seeing and understanding the full collection in-person.

This digital initiative
is proudly supported by the National Heritage Board.


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