Discovery And CSBC Present Building Icons: Green Jade

Building Icons: Green Jade offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the construction and innovation behind the world’s most powerful offshore installation vessel.

Green Jade, a collaboration between CSBC Corporation Taiwan and DEME, symbolises Taiwan’s dedication to becoming a self-sufficient green energy nation.

The documentary honours the resilience and innovation of the highly skilled teams behind this engineering marvel.

Media OutReach Newswire – 21 December 2023 – Discovery Channel, in collaboration with CSBC Corporation Taiwan, will premiere the documentary
Building Icons: Green Jade on December 30, 2023, at 7:10 pm.
Building Icons series offers an inside look into iconic structures, delving into the people and inspiration behind them, engineering and construction processes, safety measures, challenges and history. Green Jade, a state-of-the-art offshore installation vessel, takes the spotlight in this episode.
Taiwan is aggressively pursuing offshore wind power to combat extreme weather and climate change, with 16 of the world’s top 20 wind farm sites located there. The centrepiece of this effort is the Green Jade, a colossal floating installation vessel measuring 216.5 metres in length and boasting a deck space equivalent to 1.3 soccer fields. Amid global crises, including the pandemic, war, inflation and staffing shortages, Taiwanese ship-building company CSBC collaborates with Belgian marine engineering giant DEME to embark on the challenging task of building Green Jade.
The show portrays the vessel’s importance in Taiwan’s transition to green energy, positioning Taiwan as a front-runner in Asia Pacific’s focus on offshore wind. The Green Jade project faces setbacks. Despite the challenges, the highly skilled teams persevere, with technical elements in place to ensure safe, stable, precise and efficient operations. After a rigorous three-year construction period, Green Jade undergoes a critical load test, serving as a make-or-break step in Taiwan’s journey toward self-reliant renewable energy production.
More than just a ship, the vessel is a floating powerhouse central to Taiwan’s renewable energy strategy. The documentary details Green Jade’s technological systems, load test lifting of 4,400 metric tonnes, and active role in wind farm installations off Taiwan’s coast.
Building Icons: Green Jade celebrates resilience and innovation, highlighting the vessel’s significance in Taiwan’s vision of a greener future, inspiring global renewable energy efforts in the fight against climate change.
Building Icons: Green Jade is produced by Fun Job Studio for the Discovery Channel.
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