Divine Soul Yoga takes you to the calmness of the Himalayas during meditation sessions

New Delhi, April 2022: After recently launching their Ashram in Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Divine Soul Yoga had successfully organized the yoga- meditation retreat in Amsterdam for the dutch audience, which was a grandeur success under the guidance of DSY’s founder – Dr Deepak Mittal. In Amsterdam, other than the four major therapies of Bliss Meditation, Laughter Therapy & Divine Healing; people were also provided healing through crystals, Affirmations & Forgiveness therapy and Chakra activation. Currently, they also offer pregnancy yoga, Vinyasa yoga and zoo yoga based on animal poses in their centre in Amsterdam.

Talking about the sessions conducted in Amsterdam, Dr Deepak Mittal, Founder of Divine Soul Yoga said, “We observed that Dutch people are open and passionate about yoga and meditation while living in Amsterdam for 2 years during COVID. Thus, we wanted to enthuse the Dutch with our method of spreading bliss. The combination of bliss meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, yoga and laughter therapy helped many people to overcome the stress and long supressed emotional baggage. The most liked element of our session there was Laughter Therapy (Hasya Yoga) which helps people to unleash their inner child and releases hormones as this concept is not popular in European countries”.

DSY is now all set to host the retreat in Delhi from 15th April to 18 April and in Punjab from 29th April- 1st May and 13th May to 16th May under the ledearship of Dr Mittal. These sessions will be conducted on weekends. A Mega Follow up Session will also be conducted on 24th April in Delhi for the people who have already taken the session with Master Dr Deepak Mittal.

Dr Deepak Mittal, Founder of Divine Soul Yoga, said, “People have seen complete transformation in their lifestyle through our sessions. The modern working population who is stressed and over-burdened today, can experience peace of mind, relaxation, increase in concentration & productivity, natural work-life balance and stress-free living through our program. People who regularly take sessions with us have been able to connect with their own inner being and living a balanced life. They are committed to a new lifestyle altogether now which connects them with their inner child and nature, leaving behind an unhappy & sedentary lifestyle. People after their first physical session continue to connect with us through online audio sessions. Our personalized and restorative wellness programs have also helped people with Hypertension, Thyroid, PCOD, Diabetes, Insomnia, Back & Joint pain; the root of which is a sedentary lifestyle”.

Divine Soul Yoga provides 3-day long sessions which are perfect for the working population who want to escape the hectic pace of the city for some peace and rejuvenate themselves. These personalized restorative therapy sessions are being provided every weekend will begin on Friday evenings and conclude on Monday mornings. With a team of 3-4 well qualified and experienced therapists at each centre, Divine Soul Yoga aims to strengthen the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual being of every person.

Each centre of DSY can accommodate 40-60 people at a time. The locations of all centres have been carefully chosen at lush green farms surrounded by forest. The food & stay is provided by the DSY itself so that people can relax completely. The food provided is Satvik and rich in nutrients so that people can rejuvenate both their body & mind. They also have online audio sessions which mainly comprise of deep mediation audio discourses for divine healing and peace of mind. These online sessions are conducted every Sunday by Dr Deepak Mittal for people who cannot travel or are suffering from critical diseases.

To join the weekend program or online program, you have to simply do online registration from their website- https://divinesoulyoga.com/get-in-touch/

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