DK Cuppa Tea x Starting over offer “The Blessing Tale” Afternoon Tea Set

Media OutReach – 25 April 2022 – Visuals can always stimulate our appetite. Our vision can sometimes be dominated by colours and the surroundings. Rainbow cakes and rainbow marshmallows have been a great hit to the market. These delicious and eye-catching rainbow elements of designs in the afternoon tea set can be gorgeous and dreamy. Gradient colours can make us feel blessed and at ease.

Give a brand-new start of yourself today and find your own blessings! DK Cuppa Tea situated in Sheung Wan, and had a crossover with Starting Over Espresso, we have launched “The Blessing Tale” afternoon tea series, bringing a unique and eye-catching food comfort. Afternoon tea set or “high tea” has always been the favourite pastime for girls. How can you miss such a delicious and delicate rainbow x British style afternoon tea? Having a nice tea can help you recharge your day. Let’s cheer each other up, and enjoy an afternoon tea set in delightful fairy spirit! Let’s have a blissful culinary experience with friends.
The afternoon tea series full of dreamy elements with fantasy includes a variety of savoury and sweet delicacies. Hokkaido Jumbo Scallop with mashed potatoes, French Escargots, Tomato Mozzarella Cheese Cup and Salami Cheese Pie; desserts are the famous French style as macarons. The enlightenment in colours and the taste are both refreshing. From the icing on the doughnut, it seems you can glimpse the bright and beautiful starry sky, and the healing power of sweet desserts makes people feel rejuvenated.
Desserts such as colourful Rainbow Macarons, Mini Doughnuts, Tiffany Blue Scones with Rose Jam, are all tasty that you can’t wait to try. This afternoon tea also has a special “Angel’s Mist” ice-cream hidden under the marshmallow fog. With distinct layers, it’s delicate and soft like melting in your mouth. Coupled with Espresso, it becomes a perfect Affogato!
The delicateness of each dessert is already a work of art. Savoury and sweet desserts are matched with fillings of different flavours. Each one is embellished with rainbow colours similar to the primary colour of macarons, and I feel I am already the most blessed person.
Both the savoury desserts are carefully crafted. The tea selection is very subtly paired. The food and drinks are perfectly presented with exotic mood. Even if you are in Hong Kong, it will still bring you an unforgettable afternoon tea experience.
There is a special session when drinking tea, in which a magic card is drawn from the aromatherapist, each card representing a unique essential oil. It may help you find your purpose in life and make your wishes come true. Want a more relaxing and fun aromatherapy experience? From now on, you can make your own natural perfume (10ml / 30ml) for $100 / $150 after tasting the tea set.
Have you ever thought that you can learn how to draw Latte Art while having afternoon tea?
Learn Latte Art for free: as long as you take a photo of the afternoon tea set and post it on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #dkaromatherapy #dkcuppatea #startingover #blessingtale #afternoontea
Also Tag three more friends and learn how to draw Latte Art on the spot! If you want to advance a little, you can also learn “3D Latte Art” with us (additional $100 per person). The number of people is limited, while the quota is full!
“The Blessing Tale” Afternoon Tea is only available for dine-in and is priced at HK$298 per person (minimum two persons, plus 10% service charge). Guests can make an appointment three days in advance.

DK Cuppa Tea – The Blessing Tale (for 2 people)
Sweet desserts:

Rainbow Macarons 2pcs

Mini Donuts 2pcs

Tiffany Blue Scones with Rose Jam 2 pcs

“Angel’s Mist” Affogato 1 glass

Tiffany Blue and Pink Macarons 2 pcs

Savoury desserts:

Hokkaido Jumbo Scallop with mashed potatoes 2pcs

French Escargots 2pcs

Tomato Mozzarella Cheese Cup 2pcs

Salami Cheese Pie


A pot of New York Organic Tea or Latte 2 glasses
DK Cuppa Tea/ DK Aromatherapy
G/F, 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan,
Next to Western Market, the Harbour Restaurant turns in. Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit B
Tel: 23863588 Whatsapp:
DK Cuppa Tea Facebook &
DK Aromatherapy Facebook &

Starting Over Espresso
17 Old Bailey Street, Old Bailey Street, Central
Starting Over Facebook &
*Pictures are for reference only, the restaurant may change the food and display styles due to the supply without prior notice.
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DK Cuppa Tea/ DK Aromatherapy
G/F, 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan
Next to Western Market, the Harbour Restaurant turns in. Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit B
Tel: 23863588 Whatsapp:


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