Dobin Launches “Card Compass” Feature to Simplify Tracking and Maximise Credit Card Rewards

Dobin announces the launch of its “Card Compass” feature, redefining how users approach tracking and maximising credit card rewards.

The company plans to introduce further enhancements in the coming months, rewarding users and empowering them to achieve better financial outcomes.

Media OutReach Newswire – 13 June 2024 – Dobin, a financial lifestyle app that launched in July 2023, announces its latest feature, “Card Compass”. This new feature is designed to help users maximise rewards, manage benefits, and track essential data on all their credit cards. With Dobin’s expertise in evaluating credit card rewards and merchant discounts, users can make informed decisions to optimise their financial gains.

Rise of Credit Card Rewards & Complexity of Discount Offers

In today’s saturated financial landscape, consumers are overwhelmed with a variety of credit card options and the complexity of navigating credit card reward programmes. Dobin recognises these challenges and addresses them with digital automation and advanced data analytics, simplifying the path to earning substantial rewards and saving on everyday spending.

Dobin stands out by analysing the reward programmes of nearly 90 credit cards in Singapore, each with its own set of terms and conditions, and sourcing more than 5,000 discount offers. Dobin then provides personalised, data-driven recommendations, making it easier for users to harness the full potential of their spending to earn higher rewards and savings in just a few taps.

Introducing Dobin’s “Card Compass”

Dobin’s latest feature, “Card Compass”, comprises three key components designed to address multiple opportunities for smart spending:

Card Rewards Maximiser: Users can maximise earning miles, reward points, or cashback on every dollar spent on credit cards. They can search for a merchant and determine the best card to use for their next purchase based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC), payment mode (online or in-store, mobile contactless or physical card, domestic or overseas), and the rewards they want to optimise for (miles or cash).

Card Benefits Tracker: Users can stay on top of what their credit cards offer by easily accessing the key benefits and terms and conditions. They can also find card-related discounts, ensuring they never miss out on valuable deals and promotions.

Card Insights Navigator: Users can make informed decisions by managing all their credit cards in one app. This includes viewing essential data such as their account spend, transactions, balances, and payments due. The tool also allows users to view reward balances and track their progress against minimum and maximum spend criteria for accelerated rewards.

Comprehensive Approach to Empower Users

Enhanced by data analytics, the Dobin app is designed to elevate users’ financial outcomes by equipping them with a unique, three-pronged approach:

Enhanced Visibility: Users can seamlessly track their expenses and cash flow across all credit cards and bank accounts.

Improved Insights: Users gain valuable insights, allowing them to cut unnecessary expenses and hidden fees.

Accelerated Rewards: Users can maximise rewards and savings on every purchase by selecting the right credit card and applying valuable discounts.

Empowering Users Towards Better Financial and Reward Outcomes

Dobin is committed to empowering users on their journey towards achieving better financial outcomes. With the launch of “Card Compass”, Dobin continues to set new standards in financial and rewards management by helping users maximise rewards and achieve significant savings despite Singapore’s increasingly complex credit card benefits and merchant promotions.

Since the app’s full release in July 2023, Dobin has gained thousands of monthly downloads, built a community of enthusiastic and engaged users, and established partnerships with leading industry players in financial services and e-commerce.

Dobin’s Founding Team

Backed by a team of experts in the financial industry and tech veterans, Dobin’s founding team brings decades of experience.

The co-founders of Dobin are Khaled Benguerba, Chief Executive Officer, a financial industry veteran with extensive experience at Visa, American Express, and Société Générale; Erwan Macé, Chief Technology Officer, a seasoned entrepreneur with leadership roles at Bitsmedia, Akamai Technologies, Vivendi, and Google; and Gyanendra Singh, Chief Product Officer, an expert in credit risk and data analytics with a career spanning OneCard, Visa, Experian, FICO, and ICICI Bank.

The Dobin app is available for download on the
App Store and Google Play.

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