Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker (bariatric surgeon) & Ms. Mariam Lakdawala (RD) book “Vegetarian Bariatric Recipes- A Global CookBook from India” launched at SaifeeHospital in Mumbai

As the rates of obesity continue to increase across the world, bariatric/metabolic surgery has emerged as one of the most effective treatment options for it. Surgery leads to a decrease in total calorie intake and is associated with reduction in hunger, increased satiety, and alterations in one’s meal patterns. Bariatric/metabolic surgery leads to wonderful results in terms of weight loss however, the post-surgery period demands a series of dietary and behaviour changes. Focusing on a well-balanced diet that includes good quantities of protein and other macro and micronutrients, right from the beginning is helpful for bariatric patients in the long run. “Vegetarian Bariatric Recipes- a Global CookBook from India” compiled and edited by Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker and Ms. Mariam Lakdawala (RD) aims to help vegetarian patients who undergo bariatric/metabolic surgery.

“After bariatric surgery, the food intake is especially restricted in the first year. In addition, intolerance to foods with strong flavours including meat, egg and fish is high in the beginning. Lack of intake, food intolerance coupled with vegetarianism makes it difficult to meet the protein requirements”, says Ms. Mariam Lakdawala who is a leading bariatric nutritionist.

According to global estimations, 22% of the world’s population is vegetarian. With the help of this book, patients with bariatric/metabolic surgery who choose to follow a vegetarian way of life can do so safely and without reservation, and enjoy meals that are balanced and nutritious. For patients and practitioners alike, finding a vegetarian recipe book specific to the needs of the surgical patient is no longer daunting! This is the first time that such a resource is being published from India. This book includes recipes for every phase after the surgery to help vegetarian patients by making their post-bariatric surgery journey comfortable, healthier, and enjoyable.

This recipe book is unique in many ways:

· All the recipes are vegetarian. It aims to make the post bariatric surgery journey easier, healthier, more comfortable and interesting for people practicing vegetarianism.

· The recipes in this book have been contributed by more than 35 nutrition experts from all across the world.

· There are 70 wonderful vegetarian recipes for every phase of diet after bariatric surgery.

· The nutritional benefits and macro-nutrient calculations of all recipes are listed so that readers can assess their caloric intake.

Dr. Aparna Govil Bhasker a renowned bariatric surgeon from Mumbai and author of the book “Vegetarian Bariatric Recipes” said, “Food is an integral part of our lives and can be symbolic of many emotions. While food can be about happiness, joy and pleasure, at times, it can also signify stress, anger and guilt. Many people feel that bariatric surgery takes away the joy from food, however, there was never a bigger misconception. Infact, people who have bariatric surgery for weight loss can use this opportunity to be even more creative with food. This cookbook is our endeavour to help patients with bariatric surgery and sprinkle some more joy into their daily diet. Well, not only people who have had bariatric surgery, but anyone who is looking for healthy recipes can benefit from this book.”

Obesity is a chronic condition that needs life-long care. Diet and behaviour modification is the foundation for good long-term outcomes after bariatric surgery. We hope that this book will help patients to follow a healthy diet and at the same time enjoy their meals.


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