Dr. Ashok Sinha of Adon Hair Care Advocates Multivitamins for Health and Wellness

In a recent discussion on the importance of maintaining optimal health, Dr. Ashok Sinha and Dr. Satyajeet Kangle, both renowned dermatologists from Adon Hair Care, emphasized the significance of multivitamins. According to them, the modern lifestyle has brought about several changes that have adversely impacted our nutrient intake, making multivitamins a must for every individual.

Dr. Sinha and Dr. Kangle pointed out three major factors that have contributed to the depletion of essential minerals and vitamins from our daily lives. Firstly, the shift in dietary preferences from traditional alternatives to processed and refined foods has resulted in a significant reduction in nutrient intake. Consuming sugar instead of jaggery alone has led to the loss of six vitamins and eight minerals from our daily diet. Similarly, the use of table salt, devoid of minerals and vitamins, as opposed to sea salt or “sendha namak,” further exacerbates the nutrient deficiency. Lastly, the purification of water through methods such as reverse osmosis (RO) has led to an average loss of 30 minerals in our daily water intake.

Another significant factor contributing to the reduced nutrient content in our food is the decline in soil quality due to industrialization. The use of fertilizers, pesticides, industrial waste, and e-waste has rendered the soil less fertile. As a result, the nutrient content in fruits and vegetables has significantly diminished. To illustrate this point, the doctors highlighted that in 1920, one orange provided the same amount of vitamin A as what we now need from eight oranges.

The doctors also highlighted the alarming trend of decreased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables among the Indian population. On average, Indians consume only 280 grams of fruits and vegetables per day, which is 120 grams less than the recommended amount. Additionally, the quality of these fruits and vegetables has also declined over time.

Furthermore, the overconsumption of antibiotics in India has led to a reduction in the body’s vitamin production. According to the State of the World’s Antibiotics 2021 report, Indians now consume 30% more antibiotics compared to the previous decade. The rampant use of antibiotics disrupts the body’s microbiome, killing beneficial bacteria and reducing the production of essential vitamins.

Adding to the concerns, India is facing a “double burden” health issue, as identified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Initially, there was an issue of imbalanced diets, and now, there is a surge in the consumption of junk food, leading to a poor intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Considering the multitude of factors contributing to the depletion of essential minerals and vitamins, Dr. Sinha and Dr. Kangle strongly advocate for the inclusion of multivitamins in every Indian’s daily routine. They argue that due to the decreasing nutrient content in our food and the numerous health issues caused by nutrient deficiencies, it has become imperative for individuals to supplement their diet with multivitamins to maintain overall well-being.

In conclusion, the modern lifestyle, decreased soil quality, reduced fruit and vegetable intake, excessive antibiotic use, and the prevalence of the “double burden” health issue collectively indicate a pressing need for multivitamin supplementation. Prioritizing the replenishment of essential vitamins and minerals is crucial to mitigate the health consequences of nutrient deficiencies faced by the Indian population.

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