Dr. Morepen launches advanced Muscle Food to fuel your performance

· Pre-workout and BCAA available in 3 different flavours

· Ideal power boosters to strengthen muscles and keep energised for all kinds of physical activities

· Both the formulas are scientifically crafted, safe & has healthy natural stevia sweetener

New Delhi: 12th April 2022: Dr Morepen, the leading home-grown manufacturer of APIs, formulations, point of care diagnostics and OTC products, launches healthiest ever muscle food Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and Pre-workout. These innovative products are fast absorbing and segment-first flavoured muscle foods that are naturally sweetened by stevia, ideal to enhance strength and keep one energized throughout the day. These products are available in three delectable flavours – Pineapple Play, Berry Burst and Curious Cola.

Pre-workout delivers more energy, enhanced focus and incredible muscle pumps for best workouts. Its consumption 30-45 minutes before workouts ensures enhanced performance, sustained energy levels, improved mental focus and workout intensity to give lasting power for required physical activities. BCAA is an essential food for anyone involved in strong physical activity – sports, gyms etc as it has essential amino acid that can’t be produced by body and can only be taken in through supplementation. Dr. Morepen’s BCAA powder boosts endurance levels for improved overall athletic performance. BCAA also helps repair and rebuild muscle to aid in post-workout recovery.

Says Varun Suri, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Morepen OTC Nutrition segment, “As a consumer brand Dr. Morepen has endeavoured to provide a complete gamut of products to its consumers for entire healthcare requirements. In keeping with this, we have launched muscle foods focusing on sports nutrition as a category with an aim to bring safe, healthy products having no chemical composition to enhance physical power. We understand such products have burgeoning demand post-pandemic as people have started paying attention to physical wellbeing thus engaging in exercise, gym and other sports activities as a routine. Our muscle foods are aptly formulated to provide enough strength, avoid burn- out and also repair muscle post any strenuous workouts”.

He further added, “To offer the discerning customer base with a healthier alternative, we replaced sugar with stevia which is 100% natural sweetener, zero-calorie, better for stomach gut, diabetic friendly and manage cholesterol levels. Additionally, we added widely accepted flavours to suit palate to a segment that was struggling to consume the tasteless product.”

Dr. Morepen’s ‘Pre-workout’ and BCAA products are available in 250gram pack respectively and starting at Rs 1899/-, available across both online and offline stores.



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