DrinkPrime Steps in to resolve Water Quality Issues after Contamination Scare at Bengaluru Apartment

Bengaluru: As the unfortunate turn of events involving 100 residents being taken ill at the Hosa Road situated Mahaveer Ranches apartment in Bengaluru unfolded due to an imminent water contamination issue, DrinkPrime, a Bengaluru-based tech-driven startup and specialist in Water Quality and Safety solutions stepped up to address the situation.

On a mission to ensure the sustenance and continued access of safe drinking water, DrinkPrime immediately reached out to its subscribers residing in the apartment to ensure their safety.

Post the undertaking of stringent water quality testing, the following report showed some alarming results

“During the water contamination period, we saw a drop in input water quality on our servers. Our team reached out to 40+ DrinkPrime subscribers residing in the apartment to ensure their safety and scheduled water quality and maintenance checks as part of the #DrinkPrimeComesHome initiative, said Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Co-founder and CEO, DrinkPrime.

“From the water quality report, we could figure out that the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness were higher than acceptable limits. This means that the quality of water did not conform to IS 10500:2012 drinking water specification for the two parameters. Our IoT servers that run with data from our IoT-enabled water purifiers and the water quality data we got from the samples collected from our subscriber homes have shown similar results.”

When the DrinkPrime team reached out to their subscribers and extended support, they had offered to provide free water quality checks for non-subscribers too. With this, the team was able to conduct free water quality tests for everyone who was worried about the impact of contaminated water on their health. DrinkPrime ended up publishing the video capturing the entire incident along with the subscribers’ and non-subscribers’ voices (Screenshot below).

DrinkPrime relies extensively on IoT technology to monitor water quality and their water purifier health. According to them, it is the tech-driven approach that helps them ensure clean, safe and healthy drinking water to all their subscribers. They continue to monitor the situation in the apartment and are reaching out to the rest of the subscribers to conduct free water quality checks.

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