Driving mood at IIT-Mumbai with Spinny Motorsport

Bengaluru 10th January 2024: Spinny, in collaboration with IIT Mood Indigo, hosted the Spinny Motorsport event, captivating both automotive enthusiasts and spectators alike. The adrenaline-fueled competition featured participants pushing the limits of a Maruti Suzuki Alto, showcasing precision driving and speed mastery while maintaining proper safety standards on the custom track.

Spectators were treated to fast maneuvers in a specially curated Slalom course as each participant aimed to set the fastest lap time. The Spinny Motorsport event brought together a diverse array of drivers, from seasoned drivers to newcomers eager to experience the thrill of competitive driving and explore the capabilities of a normal stock car like Alto, which was the showstopper of the IIT Mood Indigo.

The motorsport event attracted a big crowd, as they flocked to witness the refreshing and sporty event. The crowd proceeded to move to the tunes of headliners like Jay Sean, Lost Stories and Pink Sweats soon after the race flag was waved.

The used-cars full-stack platform aims to make ownership accessible and affordable through its seamless car-buying experience. By putting the customers first and foremost, Spinny continuously pushes the benchmarks of the used cars industry by offering trust, integrity, and support at every turn. The constant evolution of the company through events like the motorsport not only highlights their forward-thinking approach but also how such events can encourage youngsters towards taking up motorsport in a safe and controlled manner.

Spinny’s Mumbai City Head ‘Emil George’ reflected on the event and how it aligns with the company’s outlook, “Spinny Motorsport is an exciting event that attracted a lot of attendees at Mood Indigo. The students and community form a core part of our customers, mostly young and first-time car owners. We hope this event can encourage more people to have the fun of driving and help communicate our values of going the extra mile for our customers’ safety, and also understanding their cars better”.

Instagram video link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1CtC2eov6r/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==


People at Mood Indigo flocked to the motorsport event after the word spread through the campus, as many of them aimed to test their driving skills in this unique yet exciting event. The Spinny Motorsport team helped participants get familiar with the track and also shared crucial info about the driving style, safety standards, and ensuring they experience the best part, which is to have fun. The biggest learning was the fact that one doesn’t need a supercar to experience the thrill of motorsport. Under the right circumstances and by following proper safety guidelines, a car like the Alto can be as thrilling for a driver.

Overall, the event saw over 200 participants spread across four days, with the top three performers winning special accolades from Spinny. The lap was completed in a record time of 26 seconds. Many participants shared their excitement about the event, singled out as a first-time experience for many.

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