e-Sprinto partner’s with AutoEVmart part of Greaves Retail to accelerate the sales and distribution of e-Sprinto’s Electric Vehicles (EVs) across India

New Delhi, July 31st, 2023: e-Sprinto, India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler brand, has announced its strategic partnership with AutoEVmart, a multi-brand EV retail store by Greaves Retail, the retail unit of Greaves Cotton Ltd. The partnership aims to accelerate the sales and distribution of e-Sprinto’s impressive range of electric vehicles (EVs) across the nation through AutoEVmart’s retail network.

e-Sprinto will make its entire product lineup available, including both low-speed and high-speed electric two-wheelers, across 100+ AutoEVmart stores spread across Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities. Customers can choose from the eco-friendly e-Sprinto and e-Sprinto BB low-speed EVs or opt for the high-performance Sprinto HS and Amery models. This diverse portfolio ensures that there is an ideal e-Sprinto option to cater to every individual’s transportation needs and preferences.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Atul Gupta Co-Founder & Director, e-Sprinto said, “We are thrilled to expand the horizons of e-mobility in India with our partnership with AutoEVmart. This collaboration opens exciting new avenues to introduce our diverse product portfolio to a larger customer base, bringing the joy of eco-friendly commuting to people from all walks of life. With the strong support of AutoEVmart’s extensive retail network, we are determined to deliver a seamless customer experience, revolutionising the way India commutes, and embracing a greener tomorrow.”

“We would like to welcome the e-Sprinto family to AutoEVmart. By offering e-Sprinto’s impressive range of electric two-wheelers through our extensive retail network, we are empowering customers with a diverse selection of cutting-edge EVs to choose from. It is an opportunity for us to accelerate EV adoption and weave the EV growth story for India with various product offerings tailored to suit every customer’s needs and lifestyle,” said Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Greaves Retail.

e-Sprinto has witnessed a remarkable surge in demand, and the partnership comes at a pivotal time. The collaboration with AutoEVmart encompasses a comprehensive 3S setup – sales, service, and spares. With a focus on providing a seamless customer experience, this partnership ensures that buyers not only have easy access to e-Sprinto’s innovative electric two-wheelers but also receive top-notch after-sales support and genuine spare parts.

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