Eco-Friendly and Hygienic Paper Straws Disrupting the Indian Market!

Paper Pipe’s straw collection just got bigger.

New Delhi, January 2022: At the forefront of spreading awareness about the single-use plastic problem in a fun and innovative way, a homegrown brand, Paper Pipe has taken to social media to reach out to people to Do Better when it comes to tackling waste and pollution. Paper Pipe offers premium paper straws that are eco-friendly and hygienic, yet also durable and toxin-free. The flagship brand of ABPP Papers, a company focused on providing food safe, biodegradable food packaging alternatives to the growing take-away market in India and abroad.

Paper Pipe is a simple alternative to toxic and damaging plastic straws or cheap paper alternatives that are not safe for you or your loved ones. The brand offers straws that are extensively tested for food-safety; they are 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and guaranteed to last longer than your drink.

With extensive experience in the Paper industry, the brand came to fruition after the founders witnessed the manufacturing process of food-grade products in India. They noticed the lack of knowledge among businesses and consumers on important topics such as food safety and the importance of having high quality raw materials.

A single plastic straw can take up to 500 years to break down into micro plastics, while a Paper Pipe straw has minimal impact on the planet. The straws maintain their structural integrity throughout your drinking experience and provide an excellent, recyclable alternative to plastic straws.

Paper Pipe has launched a range of exciting new and innovative products in the last few weeks. They’ve gone under a complete rebranding process to enhance the customer experience by making the packaging more suitable to retail customers.

Paper Pipe offer all sizes, suitable for various kinds of drinks ranging from regular bar straws and milkshake straws to the niche straws for drinks such as bubble tea, which are available in multiple colours. You can now enjoy Paper Pipes in the comfort of your home by just ordering them online on Amazon and Flipkart among other marketplaces.

“Unlike any paper straw I have used in the past, Paper Pipe straws last surprisingly long! These are fantastic, food-grade straws that are friendly to the environment.

It’s made of premium materials and is very sturdy”

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