EcoSoul Home signs MoU with Krishikalpa Foundation to exchange knowledge and create new entrepreneurial opportunities

New Delhi, 8th June 2023 – EcoSoul Home is striding high by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Krishikalpa Foundation, a Not-For-Profit Organization, for collaborative work to share best practices, acceleration principles, and community building. The association aims to exchange knowledge, create new business and market opportunities for rural communities, and provide resources and a network of mentors and advisors for Krishikalpa Foundation’s members.

EcoSoul Home is a D2C, eco-friendly manufacturing start-up for ecologically innocuous kitchenware and dinnerware from renewable resources to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

The purpose of the signed Memorandum is to provide the framework for any future collaboration activities between EcoSoul Home and Krishikalpa Foundation.

After signing the MoU, Rahul Singh, Co-founder of EcoSoul Home, said, “The aspirations of Krishikalpa Foundation very much resonate with ours to support and develop the rural SEME sectors and farmers’ communities. We are proud of our association with the non-profit organization that has some of the best entrepreneurial minds behind the entities initiatives which have envisaged, designed, and delivered value; and continue to boost entrepreneurial spirit among the rural youth to create a vibrant rural ecosystem which eventually makes ample job opportunities at the village level, ensuring good and sustainable living standards. We look forward to working closely with Krishikalpa to achieve desired goals.”

EcoSoul Home Inc. is one of the largest eco-friendly products companies, with over 70+ products with a strong presence in the USA, Canada, India, China and Vietnam. EcoSoul has multiple sales channels, including D2C, Amazon, and, a Retail presence in ~2,000 stores, and a significant B2B presence.

Shri. Prashanth Prakash, Chairman of Krishikalpa Foundation, said, “We are highly elated to have MoU signed with EcoSoul Home. Our association with the multinational brand ensures us the best practices acceleration principles, wherein EcoSoul will aid and train for the developments in the field of Palm Leaf Products about trends in the market and quality control for such products. Moreover, the knowledge exchange program and the renowned brand as our Global Marketing Partner for Rural entrepreneurs or FPOs will set the game up at a different notch.”

EcoSoul Home’s approach is to offer high-quality eco-friendly product alternatives that are sustainably sourced and manufactured while being highly affordable for mass adoption. All EcoSoul Home’s products are chemical-free, toxin-free, and fully compostable and are certified by leading global agencies.

The start-up works directly with more than 50 large and small contract manufacturers across India, China, Vietnam, and the USA to source products directly from farmers, manufacturers and small business operators, thus eliminating intermediaries from the process.

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