EdTech startup The Language Network heads out to be India’s #1 Online Language School

Mumbai-based EdTech startup The Language Network is dominating the online language learning market with its effective online language learning programs. Since its inception, they have trained and tutored over 5000 students and impacted the lives of thousands more. The Language Network offers courses that deliver a holistic learning experience. They currently offer live 1:1, Duo, and Group online classes in seven foreign languages from beginner to advanced levels. Moreover, they are expanding their avenues and have already launched a new segment: The Language Network Kids.

The Language Network is delivering an immersive and comprehensive learning experience to all its students. They provide the right training, right tools, and supplementary material to its students for better and robust learning. They have over 200 highly trained language experts who have been in the professional teaching industry.

“Your students come first. If you treat your students right, your customers come back. This, in turn, makes you a happy and successful leader”, says Co-founder  Pinnac Yeddy. The Language Network offers live and personalised sessions by ensuring small batches for personalised attention and a better learning experience. Regular assessments and reports are given to students to help them with their language learning journey. They offer students challenging and immersive internships and industry-ready training for placements at leading MNCs. They provide effective counselling sessions to students vis-a-vis studying abroad along with immigration services.

The Language Network has incorporated the National Education Policy 2020. They believe that culture is an important aspect when it comes to learning a language. “Language and culture go hand in hand. To teach a new language to a student, we also have to teach the culture related to the language”, says Co-founder Siddhi Chokhani.

The Language Network has entered the EdTech market and has already established itself as a worthy competitor. Currently, they do not conduct offline batches. However, it is going to change with the advent of The Language Network Kids. They are planning to expand the business by incorporating Kids learning. The Language Network has language programs for kids ranging from the age of 6 years to 14 years. “We are partnering with various schools across India to promote our kids’ courses. Parents are looking to have a recreational experience for their children. They find it astonishing to see how it benefits their kids.” says Co-founder Pinnac Yeddy. They are reaching out to schools with regards to the NEP 2020. The Language Network is partnering with schools across India to inculcate language learning programs in these institutions.

The Language Network follows an internationally recognised curriculum. They refer to the international exams and their respective agendas and procedures when it comes to language learning. They also prepare their students for international exams including DELF, DALF, Goethe, TOEFL, IELTS, TOPIK, HSK, etc. They believe that their students should not only learn languages, they should also excel in the international proficiency exams in order to prove their proficiency.

They started out with 4 core members and now they have a team of over 250 people. With its conception, The Language Network has disrupted the offline market. Their online platform is alluring more and more students. Their Co-founder Siddhi Chokhani says, “Students save their time and energy with the online classes. The language learning industry is shifting to online offerings, with convenient, flexible, and cost-effective ways to improve foreign language skills. Time, which was previously required for travelling and preparation, can be allotted for studying. Also, every student needs a dedicated teacher who can pave their way towards learning”.

The Language Network focuses on the traditional aspects of learning. The Language Network is retaining one of the old traditional methods of learning: humans teaching other humans. “Human approach is more effective than any other medium of teaching. We are looking to expand to 10000+ active students this year. Our approach towards language learning will help more students learn a foreign language in a fun and comprehensive way” says Co-founder Pinnac Yeddy. The Language Network is making language learning easy with its online language courses. Globally, the language learning market is around $50 billion. The Language Network is looking to acquire a significant market share in the online language learning industry.

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