EiteShop launches an open platform for cross-border supply chains

Media Outreach – 17 February 2023 –
EiteShop, a global cross-border e-commerce logistics platform, announced today that it will officially launch an open platform for global cross-border e-commerce supply chains in the Philippines. With an open platform model, it will integrate global high-quality commodity suppliers for Philippine e-commerce sellers, and help merchants settled in the EiteShop platform to enhance their competitiveness; Let the package delivery experience be as easy as taking a taxi. The platform will optimize the supply chain to achieve a 10% lower price than similar products on other e-commerce platforms to gain better market competitiveness.
With a total population of about 111 million, the Philippines is the second most populous country in Southeast Asia and the 13th most populous country in the world. The huge population base catalyzes the potential of “explosive” e-commerce, which is a link that cannot be ignored in the Southeast Asian market. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has given birth to a “contactless economy” and stimulated the growth of e-commerce and online payments in the Philippines. At present, e-commerce in the Philippines is in the initial stage of rapid development. In 2021, the sales of e-commerce in the Philippines will account for about 3% of the total retail sales. The compound annual growth rate has become a new potential market for many international brands.
EiteShop has reached cooperation with top suppliers and logistics providers, and successively set up warehouses in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Successfully completed the first step of entering the Philippines, and realized the automated e-commerce system for distribution and collection of reports. EiteShop will provide functions such as open supplier price comparison and bidding, intelligent path optimization, coordinated delivery by multiple logistics providers, automatic order tracking, and big data intelligent analysis. EiteShop integrates the accumulated high-quality supply chain resources, logistics systems, systems, and data, and opens them up to merchants who have entered the platform.
EiteShop is a global e-commerce company headquartered in Singapore and Malaysia. Currently serving global customers in dozens of major languages. The company’s core categories include electronic products, clothing, home furnishing, sports, cosmetics, luggage, mother and baby products, footwear, automotive supplies and various accessories.
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