Elite Elevators Delivers India’s Only Certified Home Lifts

From stringent safety regulations, TÜV SÜD certification, and low power consumption to a range of designer finishes, Elite Elevators offers home lift buyers the complete package.

Mumbai, India – Elite Elevators is a home elevator company with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Bringing international standard home lifts to India, the company is the authorised global partner of TK Access Solutions, Germany – one of the leading manufacturers of home lifts in the world. Elite Elevators’ premium home mobility range is well-known for its eco-friendly operation, top-notch German technology, and sophistication. Their home lifts and stairlifts aim to afford users luxe convenience when it comes to everyday living. The company has an experience centre located at Mulund West to give prospective clients a chance to test the range before making a purchase.

Elite Elevators’ home mobility range takes into cognisance various scenarios to provide users with a safe ride every time. It has the necessary emergency features so that users can get off the lift unharmed during emergencies. To this effect, Elite Elevators home lifts have been awarded the title of the world’s safest home elevators.

“Our home lifts are the safest in the world. This has made us the only certified home elevator company in India. They follow 194 parameters of safety and comply with European home safety codes namely machinery directive 2006/42/EC and European Norm 81-41. They also have the TÜV SÜD and the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 stamp of approval. The SIL 3 certification is usually given to nuclear power plants – so you can imagine the levels of safety present in our lifts. Each home lift is also embedded with several safety mechanisms and they act as backups for one another. Safety is coded into our DNA,” said a spokesperson for Elite Elevators.

The Elite Elevators product range is a testament to the power of innovative German engineering and patented technology. Thoughtful design, intuitive technology, and sophisticated convenience are the hallmarks of the company’s residential lifts. Two of their products run on original and patented drives namely the gearless CogBelt drive in the H300 model and the Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology in the Flow X stairlift. Their third model, that is the H200, uses an enhanced hydraulic drive, courtesy of the engineers at TK Access Solutions.

Clients can even customise the size, configurations, and interior design of their home lifts. Elite Elevators’ home lifts require no pit, no machine room, and no headroom. Their power consumption is 1.45 kW in total while the lift itself does not consume power when descending and runs on a single-phase power supply

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