Embracing the Divine Essence of Color: Obeetee Carpet Unveils the Chroma Collection

National, January 2024- In a mythical world of colors where spirituality and craftsmanship dance together, OBEETEE Carpets and Tissage Rugs have joined hands for the second time to proudly presents their new collection, ‘Chroma People.’ This collection goes beyond the upcoming color trends, it uses color as a metaphor and is an analogy for the fabric of life in general. Inspired by the captivating tradition of the Chroma tribe, this collection is a celebration of the divine essence found within the vibrant spectrum of colors.

The Chroma tribe, rooted in centuries-old beliefs, once respected only sober, monochrome tones as the rightful choice for humanity. However, an awakening within the tribe revealed the profound power and cultural significance of embracing the vivid colors of nature, previously avoided as omens of misfortune. This transformation gave birth to a spiritual journey, where the wool and yarn that crafted the collection became symbolic threads binding generations and preserving ancient weaving traditions.

This one-of-a-kind collection explores four sets/rooms, each representing a color admired by the Chroma People, and what it means to them. The collection is based on an interval of time in the Chroma people’s lives: Green represents Dawn, Yellow represents Forenoon, Blue represents High Noon, and Red represents Dusk. It should be experienced in that order.

Green: Symbolizing creativity and renewal, Green reflects the Chroma People’s embrace of new beginnings and the transformative energy of dawn.

Yellow: Signifying daydreams and manifestation, Yellow showcases the power of thoughts and beliefs in weaving visionary potential into everyday life for the Chroma People.

Blue: Capturing a journey of cleansing and purity, blue washes away negativity, leaving behind a vibrant canvas of endless possibilities and renewal for the Chroma People.

Red: In the vivid hue of Red, the Chroma People express faith in their art, where each stroke becomes a sacred ritual, representing the divine essence infused into the fabric of life.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the Tissage’s Chroma Collection, a tribute to the Chroma tribe’s profound connection with color. It encapsulates the heritage, spirituality, and vibrancy of embracing the full spectrum of colours found in nature,” said Ms Angelique Dhama, CEO, Obeetee Carpet.

“We drew inspiration from the fictional tribe ‘Chroma,’ a community that discovers purpose in the reverence of color. The Chroma Collection is a journey of upliftment, weaving spirituality and craftsmanship into the very fabric of your spaces,” said Mr. Nikhil Kapoor, Creative Director of Tissage Rugs.

This exquisite collection not only showcases the mastery of craftsmanship but also mirrors the rich tapestry of the human experience. Each piece reflects the intersection of ancient traditions with contemporary design, offering a glimpse into a world where color is valued as a divine essence.

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