Energy Intelligence advanced Li Ion based Power Backup Solution now available for laptops, TVs & medical panel PCs

March 20th, 2022, NOIDA, India – Energy Intelligence India Private Limited, today announced the availability of its new range of power backup solutions for laptops and medical PCs. With the release of these new products, now you can power WiFi, NAS, Raspberry-Pi, Laptop, LED Monitors/TV, mini-PC, gaming devices, CCTV systems, and many other devices during power outages or when on the move.

After pioneering Made in India mini-UPS for WiFi that became a critical part of working and schooling from home during the pandemic, Energy Intelligence continues to expand its product portfolio to now include laptop power backup that works with most laptops in the market today. With storage capacity of up to 50,000 mAh, these backup solutions can charge laptops up to 4 times when at home or on the move, bringing flexibility in places like camping, outdoor filming, remote offices, IOT equipments, or trekking. Places with no power connections. With the unique design, the power backup also acts as an uninterrupted power supply.

High Capacity Laptop Power Bank + UPS

The company also introduced power backup for Panel PCs specially designed for medical applications with zero fumes, zero cutover time, and with a steel enclosure for minimal electromagnetic interference. Now one can keep devices in hospital and diagnostics centers running uninterrupted.

Power Backup for Medical Panel PC – Li-Ion Cells, Zero Cutover, Zero Fumes

Energy Intelligence also has solutions to charge laptops and power backup in the car. The company also provides custom power backup solutions, work from home packages for IT/BPO companies, and power backup consulting services. All products are now available on their website with the provision of secure online payment and COD. Some products are also available on Flipkart and Amazon.

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