Enish and GeekOut, two brands engaged in game app development and operation, announce the launch of their original Verse on Oasys and the release of “De:Lithe Last Memories as the first installment of this Verse.

Media OutReach – 28 June 2023 – Oasys, a gaming-optimised blockchain, is excited to announce that two major developers and operators of game apps – enish, inc. and GeekOut Pte. Ltd. – have decided to launch their own unique Verse on the Oasys Chain. The two brands have announced the release of their first title, “De:Lithe Last Memories,” on their proprietary Verse in 2024.

The Oasys blockchain will be adopted by enish and GeekOut, companies engaged in developing, and operating game apps, to create a new Verse. More details will be announced at the “Oasys Special Event” in Kyoto on June 28th.
In October 2022, enish announced the establishment of its subsidiary, “enish Singapore Pte. Ltd.,” focusing on mobile and blockchain games in Singapore. In March 2023, they decided to develop further and provide blockchain games based on the game system and the worldview of “De:Lithe.” This new development approach aims to leverage enish’s extensive expertise in mobile game operation to provide players with an engaging and continuous gaming experience.
GeekOut, which specializes in metaverse solutions, has established domestic and international production studios, with a team of experienced engineers in game development.
Oasys, a blockchain offering fast transactions and fee-free user experience, is thrilled to welcome enish and GeekOut’s unique Verse officially. We look forward to the blockchain game “De:Lithe Last Memories” as the first title to be released in 2024.
Oasys will continue collaborating with diverse game developers worldwide to strive for mass adoption of blockchain games by providing a comfortable user experience.
About “De:Lithe Last Memories”: “De:Lithe Last Memories” is a blockchain game based on the game system of the smartphone dramatic co-op online RPG “De:Lithe ” which has surpassed a total of 7.77 million downloads. The game shifted to independent development in March this year and was announced under the project name “De:Lithe X.”
By incorporating Play-to-Earn elements into the rich game system of De:Lithe, which offers a wide range of content and replayability, this new blockchain game will provide players with a unique and unprecedented gaming experience.
enish, inc. Aimi Kubo De: Lithe Last Memories Producer said: “This title is a blockchain game with mobile game quality that allows you to experience a rogue-like adventure with cute girls. Our staff is currently working diligently to deliver an appealing game that can be enjoyed by a wider audience. We will continue to release information through whitepapers and other means, so we hope you can look forward to it. Thank you for your continued support!”
Oasys Director, Daiki Moriyama expressed his thoughts on the new integration: “The participation of enish, which has produced numerous mobile games and accumulated a track record in game development and operation over many years, in Oasys, will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of the blockchain gaming industry and the provision of high-quality gaming experiences. Additionally, I have great expectations for the ongoing development of the blockchain game “De:Lithe Last Memories” in collaboration with GeekOut.”
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