Enjoy Guaranteed Income from the First month itself with Tata AIA’s Fortune Guarantee Supreme!

~ A Unique Savings plan that offers Immediate Guaranteed Income, Loyalty Additions through Sub Wallets and much more ~

India: Tata AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (Tata AIA), one of India’s leading life insurers, has launched Tata AIA Fortune Guarantee Supreme, a non-linked, non-participating, Guaranteed Savings plan that provides life insurance cover with guaranteed regular income from the very first month of investing. The plan comes with a host of benefits such as

· Guaranteed income payable from the very first month of investing

· Loyalty additions through a unique sub wallet feature to earn interest on the income earned

· Customized payout dates to coincide with one’s special moments (e.g. anniversary, birthday)

· Special 2% discount for women consumers investing in the policy

Commenting on the launch Samit Upadhyay, President and Chief Financial Officer, Head of Products, Tata AIA, said, “We live in a world wherein we must grapple with uncertainty, even as we aspire to fulfill our dreams. In such a scenario, being financially secure becomes a necessity, rather a luxury. What we need is a savings cum protection solution that offers financial protection, guaranteed income, and the flexibility to tailor the plan to suit one’s needs.

At Tata AIA, we are delighted to launch ‘Fortune Guarantee Supreme’, our latest offering as part of our Guaranteed tax free regular income portfolio. It provides a regular income stream to consumers, that too right from the first month and on dates of their choice e.g. birthdays, thereby making their special moments truly special. What more, the plan is available to women consumers at a special discount of 2%, thereby making it even more attractive”.

Fortune Guarantee Supreme offers guaranteed tax free regular income for as long as 50 years. The Sub Wallet feature helps consumers accrue daily Loyalty additions at the rate of 4.05%, on the accumulated income amount. The Loyalty additions rate will be reviewed every six months and compounded annually. On completion of the policy term, consumers stand to gain a significant guaranteed lumpsum benefit.

To make the proposition even more attractive, Tata AIA offers riders or add-ons such as Tata AIA Vitality Protect or Tata AIA Vitality Health. Consumers can avail these riders to make their life and health cover more comprehensive. Tata AIA Vitality Protect riders offer exhaustive protection cover with wellness benefits and premium discounts. It also allows policyholders to choose from several risk coverage options, such as death, accidental death or disability, and illness. Tata AIA Vitality Health covers disability, hospitalization, and illness and offers one or more benefits.

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