Enphase Energy Announces Partnership with the Bangalore Apartment Federation to Encourage Sustainable Living

Bengaluru, September 20th, 2022: Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company and the world’s leading supplier of microinverter-based solar and battery systems, announced a partnership with the Bangalore Apartment Federation (BAF) to help encourage more apartment complexes in Bangalore to implement environmentally and ecologically conscience solutions for residents. Enphase and BAF recently hosted the Hasiru apartment awards to recognize and reward apartment complexes that have implemented more sustainable, energy-self-sufficient living environments for residents. A total of 191 apartments, or 63,500 households, across Bengaluru participated in this initiative, and the event was graced by the chief guest, Mr. Vijay Mohan Raj, IFS, Principal Secretary (E&E) to Government, Department of Forest, Ecology & Environment.

The Enphase team’s industry knowledge and expertise in enabling sustainable living through its products and services, were critical while deliberating the applications for the Hasiru apartment awards. Enphase plans to continue working with BAF and all its ecosystem partners to strengthen the signature “BAF Rooftop Solar in Apartments”, a program targeted toward accelerating the adoption of rooftop solar. BAF will continue to promote and encourage further adoption of rooftop solar amongst its members by sharing knowledge and collective wisdom through knowledge papers on the BAF website. It also aims to work on clearing policy/procedural roadblocks with BESCOM / KERC / Energy dept GOK and ensure better market and supplier access by working closely with industry partners like Enphase.

Speaking at the event Manoj Gopalan Nair, the Senior Director of Sales at Enphase Energy India said, “We are happy the residents of Bengaluru city are powering a green future benefiting not only their homes but also the community. Together, we share the vision of building a sustainable future with solar energy.”

“The Hasiru Apartment Contest is a monumental effort by BAF to encourage and recognize the various measures taken by Bengaluru’s apartment residents to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. We are grateful for the Enphase team’s support in hosting this initiative which will serve as a model for other city residents,” says BAF President Mr. H. A. Nagaraja Rao.

The award saw participation from apartment complexes from across the city. Over 43 apartments had installed rooftop solar plants with a solar generation capacity of 3109 kWp and over 50 apartments installed EV charging stations in the common areas of 1165 KW. Around 90% of the apartments that participated have implemented LED lighting to save electricity. The residents of all the apartments are reusing treated water from STP for gardening and flushing purposes, to be more water self-sufficient. Approximately 45% of rainwater harvested from the terrace is being used as potable water and 52% of runoff is utilized for groundwater recharge. Sobha Palladian apartment complex in Marathahalli, Sobha Chrysanthemum apartment in Narayanapura, and T-ZED Homes in Whitefield emerged as the winners for some of the proactive efforts taken to make societies environment conscious and sustainable.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Vijay Mohan Raj, IFS, Principal Secretary (E&E) to Government, Department of Forest, Ecology & Environment said, “It’s been a wonderful experience living in Bangalore, and I was overjoyed when BAF & Enphase invited me to speak at this initiative. Through their programs, the apartment federation is driving significant change in our cosmopolitan city. It is critical to seize every opportunity to instill habits that allow us to give back to society and the environment. I implore all residents to strive for long-term benefits such as a carbon-neutral neighbourhood. Together we can drive change in small clusters and please remember that what we do here matters to the world.”

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