EONMED Launches India’s First and affordable SMART CLINIC

EONMED Company launched its products on 21st August at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. EONMED is a healthcare technology company that easily connects doctors with the patient in a unique way. The product launch was hosted by the company’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, Rama Raman Mishra. Guests of honor present at the product launch of EONMED were His Excellency Ashish Saraf (Consulate of the Bahamas), Dr. VS Chauhan (Chairman, Prakash Hospital), Anand Chauhan (Director, Amity Group), Mr Dhiraj Khandelwal (Chairman MSME and Startup Committee of ICAI),Mr.K K Mishra (Addl Director, Parliament of India) and Pandit Shivakant Shastri ji, who is the Raj Purohit of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. EONMED showcased its 3 products at the product launch ceremony.

The first product was EONMED DOCQR

EONMED DOCQR is the fastest and easiest way to connect with the doctor. You just have to scan the DOCQR and connect with the doctor immediately and consult. Prescription can be downloaded after payment is done. EONMED also has a mobile application which can be used to book diagnostics services also. It has a special feature of reminding people about their medicine and vitals measurement as per the prescription.

The second product was the PHC KIT

PHC kit is the magical box for all your primary healthcare needs. It comes with all the medicines required for your primary healthcare, customized as per your medical history. It also comes with one year free doctor consultation. The kit also provides a free virtual nurse through the app that reminds people to record their medications and vitals digitally.

The main attraction and the 3rd product was SMART CLINIC

This is a 40 sq feet state of the art digital healthcare cabin where people can do video consultation with the doctor, check their all vitals including ECG and get essential diagnostics tests done by a Point of Care Device which gives results in 15-30 mins. This clinic also has a Digital stethoscope by which a doctor can check the patient’s lungs and heart sound in real time with the assistance of a nurse. Digital otoscope will help the online doctor for closer examination of skin, nose or ear infections for better diagnosis.This smart clinic can also be powered from solar and wind energy through which it can run smoothly even without electricity which can be opted while buying the clinic.

Co-Founder & Director Mr.Harshvardhan Pandey also informed, this structure is military grade strong, sound proof, temperature resistant and can withstand wind speed upto 120 km/h, due to which it can be installed in any corner of India. He added that the motto of the company is no one in the world should remain in the trouble of disease due to lack of treatment and our country should emerge as a world citation in digital health care.He told that the company has brought different business models to the market, which will also open many employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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