Eqaro Guarantees unveils MyPrideMyHome.com, a unique initiative to promote a fair and responsible rental ecosystem

~Eqaro’s initiative seeks to empower landlords, promote rental accountability and influence future tenancy~

New Delhi, 24 July 2023: In a bid to enhance India’s rental ecosystem by rendering accountability and influencing future tenancy, Eqaro Guarantees, India’s leading rental guarantee provider, has launched a one-of-its-kind initiative, MyPrideMyHome.com. The innovative initiative provides a platform for landlords to address tenant financial defaults to help create a rental ecosystem that fosters trust, transparency and promotes responsible tenant behavior.

The primary concern for landlords is a tenant’s failure to meet their financial obligations, in turn creating significant financial & emotional strain for property owners. Serving as a centralized hub, MyPrideMyHome.com is a platform that provides landlords a comprehensive tool to share and address the various types of financial defaults committed by tenants, including non-payment of rent, utility bills, maintenance charges, or breach of notice and lock-in period. Through its platform, Eqaro Guarantees provides an opportunity for landlords to contribute to the accountability of tenants in the rental ecosystem, mitigating risks associated with future rental agreements, and influencing future availability of properties for defaulting tenants. The emphasis of the initiative lies in influencing the future tenancy landscape at large, as well as on creating a transparent rental market with empowered landlords and strong rental accountability.

Vikash Khandelwal, CEO Eqaro said, “The relationship between the landlords and the tenants has traditionally been a contentious one. With this initiative, Eqaro envisions revolutionizing the landlord-tenant relationship, and creating a rental ecosystem that is built on trust and transparency. By addressing tenant financial defaults, we empower landlords with better decision-making capabilities to safeguard their valuable properties in a continuously expanding market. Eqaro has actively collaborated with several real estate associations, property management companies, and co-living operators to understand the challenges present in the residential rental market today, and our platform MyPrideMyHome.com sets out to deliver a fair and transparent experience for all parties involved. We strongly believe that this initiative entails a positive impact for the future of tenancy in India, and will lead to the creation of a harmonious rental ecosystem.”

Eqaro Guarantees’ platform MyHomeMyPride.com adheres to stringent data protection measures, ensuring confidentiality and protection of personal and sensitive information. Through rigorous compliance with relevant data protection laws, Eqaro prioritizes the privacy of all users on its platform.

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