Equitas Small Finance Bank’s new ‘Circle of Life’ video highlights the right to education for children in India

Radha’s story in the “Circle of Life” series highlights Equitas SFB’s contribution to the country’s responsibility to stand up for education.

India, January 14, 2023: Equitas Small Finance Bank, one of the leading SFBs in India goes beyond banking and boosts the powerful potential of CSR with a heart-warming video tribute, which narrates the tale of the right to education for children. Deepak, an employee of Equitas SFB, played a crucial role in Radha’s life transformation because she lacked the resources for her own education.

As per Teach for India statistics, 4% of children never start school, while rest do, 58% don’t complete primary school and 90% don’t complete school. Radha’s story partially contributes to these shocking numbers. Considering the need and right of education in today’s day and time, Equitas SFB took charge to enable and empower such children all over the country.

The tale in the video addresses Radha’s concerns, a young child from the slums whose strict mother and alcoholic father refused to support her education. Deepak (an employee) has repeatedly observed her studying in front of an Equitas SFB ATM light. He discovered that she was studying under the ATM light because her parents did not provide her a light to study under at night. Spending sleepless nights, Deepak thought about a way to help her and initially tried to convince the girl’s parents along with the Equitas CSR team but they were reluctant.

The bank’s legal department intervened with a Right to Education Act order. Along with the legal team of Equitas, the principal of the boarding school Radha attended, filed a lawsuit challenging the country’s traditional education system. Radha is now the top student in her school thanks to Equitas.

Commenting on the release of the video, Vignesh Murali, Head – Marketing and Corporate Communications, Equitas SFB said, Our ‘Circle of Life’ series signifies a way of taking and giving back to society and showcases the lives of people like Radha who go through problems yet never dim their determination to work towards achieving their goals. Equitas has always believed in Beyond Banking and played a small role in taking the needy section of society closer to their dreams. Success in these tasks is a motivation for all of us, as the feeling of making millions smile is truly beyond what words can explain. Circle of Life’ features real-life transformation stories of bravery, sacrifice and compassion, which the bank aims to reach a wider audience with the series to inspire and give hope.

With a single-minded focus on making banking simpler even for the unbanked and under-banked, the institution has been attesting to the fact that money can be used as a force for good. The web series is available on the social media platforms of Equitas Small Finance Bank.

Watch her story of her dream come true.

WATCH Video: https://youtu.be/hYcwONRkbhQ

Equitas Small Finance Bank is proud to be a small part of this girl’s educational journey.

With a single-minded focus on helping children fulfil their dreams, the institution has been instrumental in supporting the journey, and the video of Radha is one such in those series.

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