Experience the essence of Thailand at Taj City Centre Gurugram

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New Delhi, 20th July 2023: Embark on an extraordinary culinary odyssey infused with the vibrant flavors of Thailand as Chef Lily and her team from Goa’s renowned Banyan Tree restaurant bring their culinary mastery to Thai Pavilion at Taj City Centre Gurugram. This remarkable collaboration promises an enchanting fusion of flavors, immersing guests in the captivating world of authentic Thai cuisine and leaving an indelible impression of a truly exceptional dining experience.

Chef Lily is a true luminary in the realm of Thai gastronomy and guests can anticipate a delectable gourmet experience. The thoughtfully curated menu showcases a symphony of harmonious flavors, featuring signature delicacies, including the aromatic Tom Som Koong, Gai Yang, Yum Ma Mueng Bohran, Pla Phad Kurn Chai Tao Jiew, Phad Phak See Kiew, among other culinary treasures. To conclude this gastronomic voyage on a divine note, indulge in the tranquil decadence of classic Thai desserts, such as the divine Tub Tim Grob Morragud.

Commenting on the collaboration, Surinder Singh – Area Director – Operations & GM – Taj City Centre Gurugram, said, “We are delighted to welcome the esteemed Banyan Tree restaurant from Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa in Goa to our Thai Pavilion. This allows us to showcase the exquisite flavours of Thailand to our guests in Gurugram, promising an unforgettable dining experience. With utmost confidence, we believe that Chef Lily and her team will craft an exceptional epicurean voyage, leaving an indelible imprint on the palates and hearts of our esteemed patrons.”

Experience this gastronomic masterpiece at Thai Pavilion, Taj City Centre Gurugram from the 14th to 23rd July, 2023. The timings for the culinary extravaganza are as follows:

• Lunch: 12:30 hrs – 15:00 hrs

• Dinner: 19:00 hrs – 23:30 hrs

This culinary experience is à la carte, allowing guests to select their preferred dishes from the curated menu.

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to immerse yourself in the flavors of Thailand as the revered Banyan Tree restaurant takes residency at Thai Pavilion, Taj City Centre Gurugram. Reserve your table and embark on a culinary sojourn that transcends boundaries and transports you to the soul of Thai gastronomy.

Reservations no. – +91 124 6673000, +91 83928 15429

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