EzeRx Urges Focus on Preventive Care, Domestic Medtech, and Anemia Eradication in Interim Budget 2024

The company anticipates policies aimed at strengthening the preventive healthcare infrastructure and boosting local manufacturing

National, January 18, 2024: EzeRx, a medtech company founded in 2018 with the principle “MedTech for the Masses,” has urged policymakers to prioritise preventive health infrastructure, local manufacturing, and mass anemia reduction in the Interim Budget 2024.

“India has the potential to transform into a global preventive healthcare role model through strategic budgetary allocation across three key pillars: preventive screening access via decentralised medical technology, self-reliant domestic medtech capabilities, and programmes enabling mass anemia eradication,” said Mr. Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder and CEO of EzeRx.

EzeRx’s recommendations stress the acceleration of digitally-enabled screening and diagnostic devices for early disease detection, which can save countless lives and reduce the burden for individuals and the healthcare system.

“By channelling funds into decentralised screening delivery models, domestic medtech manufacturing, and anemia eradication programmes in the interim budget, India can truly cementing its position as a pharmacy and medical technology innovator,” Mr Partha added.

The MedTech startup also emphasised boosting local manufacturing talent and innovation in alignment with Atmanirbhar Bharat’s goals, to enhance access to world-class yet affordable indigenous medical solutions.

Lastly, EzeRx urged adequate investment behind national anemia reduction schemes such as Anemia Mukt Bharat’s 6-6-6 strategy across beneficiaries, interventions, and mechanisms, supplementing these large-scale efforts through sustained community engagement.

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