Fashionable and comfortable fabrics that will amp up your Diwali nights

Background: With the onset of the festive season, everyone is looking to revamp their wardrobes with comfortable and season-friendly outfits. Diwali eve is high on festive spirit with people dressed in vibrant colorful attires. Diwali week marks the days of rangoli, firecrackers and worshipping most importantly and it is also a time when every girl has the desire to dress in the best traditional yet stylish outfit for parties, gathering and evenings full of lights. It is important to stay cool, wear breathable clothes and make fashionably favorable choices. It’s all about making fabric choices that are right for your body type and support the weather as one can be seen performing physical activities therefore comfort is high on priority as well.

Listed below are a few comfortable fabrics that you can opt for this Diwali

1. Cotton
The most natural and breathable fabric that spontaneously comes to our mind is cotton. The fibrous balls found in the cotton plant are now one of the most widely used and durable fabrics all over the world. The fabric’s tiny hollow gap makes it a perfectly light material to go through the day while you are planning to burn some carbs.

2. Viscose: What is a Viscose fabric, Viscose is derived from cellulose which is the main constituent of plant cell walls. This moisture-absorbent fabric will have your back sweat sticking to your body. Interestingly, the rate of absorption of viscose is higher than that of cotton. It is a cellulosic high-quality fabric that falls and drapes according to the body type and moves with the body. Its soft and smooth quality makes it a smart pick for performing athleisure activities. Viscose has been inculcated in Indian Fashion Week seasons for the past few years now.

3. Linen
Linen is a cloth made from natural flax fibers. Due to the lack of fiber elasticity, this plant needs special care while it is at its growing stage. Linen is a bit more costly fabric than cotton. It is considered one of the world’s oldest fabrics because of its quality of durability and breathability. Linen is a great heat conductor that is known to be two folds stronger than cotton. The fabric is incredibly light which helps in easy cleaning.

4. Sheer
Sheer is currently the most trending fabric. The quality of this fabric unlike other heavy fabrics does not stick to your skin in the summer. Its cotton-like elements are enough to make it a favourite. Some lightweight crochets fabrics, organza, and lace are all available. Sheer fabrics are on the quick trend list for Indian designers these days as it provides more femininity and sophistication to the garment.

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