FBS Leads the Way in Platform Security: Introducing the #TradersKnowBetter Approach

Media OutReach – 12 September 2023 – FBS, a leading global broker, proudly unveils its new #TradersKnowBetter approach, placing traders at the forefront of its mission. Through this initiative, the broker announces its unwavering commitment to providing secure financial services trusted by traders worldwide.


In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats loom large, ensuring security is integral to online trading. Having placed #TradersKnowBetter as a top priority, FBS employs modern technologies and proactive measures to enhance financial services and secure traders’ funds.
Two brand offerings, FBS Personal Area and FBS Trader App, have gained credibility and enhanced security through such solutions as server colocation with top providers and their robust DDoS protection systems, FBS’s own trading proxy Anti-DDoS servers, data encryption for its secure online transmission, and strong ID and card verification of every user.
FBS’s dedication to security and reliability is a testament to its customer-centric approach. By understanding and addressing traders’ needs, FBS reimagines its services to elevate the trading experience to new heights. In a landscape where trust is a rare and precious commodity, FBS follows the #TradersKnowBetter approach to provide secure and comprehensive services and products.
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