Fidelity Investments, India announces the sixth edition of ‘Resume’

Resume is a six-month internship program for women who are on a career break but looking to re-enter the workforce 

Bangalore, April 27, 2022 – Fidelity Investments, India has announced the 2022 edition of Resume, a six-month internship opportunity for women who are on a career break but looking to re-enter the workforce. The program aims to tap into a diverse talent pool of prospective hires who can bring thought and experience diversity to the organization, thereby enabling a high-performance culture.

The program offers opportunities across business functions including operations, technology, analytics, and across grades. During these six months, the managers set detailed goals for the participants and conduct strong mentorship and regular performance check-ins for them. The interns then build networks through trainings on functional and professional competencies, engaging in community impact initiatives through the firm’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program,   Fidelity Cares, and also participate in other programs and initiatives; all of which help bolster their readiness for their final selection as full-time employees of the organization.

The participants join the company initially for a period of six months when they are provided mentorship and development opportunities to learn and integrate into project teams. All participants contribute to live business projects and undergo functional mentorship. During the program, the interns receive pay and benefits equivalent to that of full-time employees.

“At Fidelity, we strive to foster a culture of inclusion by removing barriers to inclusion for our employees. We have been making continuous efforts to increase representation of women in our workforce, and the Resume program is one more step in our quest to create a diverse and inclusive environment. Owing to the program being cohort-based, it fosters a lot of peer learning. In addition, the holistic nature of the program covering diverse aspects including mentorship, hands-on projects, formal training, and peer learning helps reinforce confidence and capability in the participants and results in a large number of them securing roles with the firm post the six-month period.” said Seema Unni, Head of HR, Fidelity Investments, India. 

Since its launch in 2015, the program has helped several women professionals to re-enter the workforce. All participants from the program also have access to a facilitative ecosystem and a strong network of alumni as part of the program, enabling a faster learning curve.

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