FIITJEE Introduces World’s Biggest Scholarship Exam: ‘Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic & Scholarship Exam,’ Ushering in a New Era in India’s Coaching Segment

The 360-Degree Diagnostic & Scholarship Exam is set to redefine educational assessments with exceptional and scientifically designed tests.

Scheduled on January 28 & February 04, 2024, the Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic and Scholarship Exam is open for students in classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and IX. The world’s biggest scholarship exam will deliver a comprehensive assessment for charting academic success.

Students appearing for the exam will also have the unique opportunity to earn incentives in the form of fee waivers of up to 99%* on the registration fee.

New Delhi, January 25, 2024: In a historic endeavour, FIITJEE, a pioneer in educational excellence, is set to organise ”Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic and Scholarship Exam,” the world’s biggest scholarship exam in the history of coaching and an unparalleled Academic Diagnostic tool.

Taking inspiration from the guidance of Guru Dronacharya, the remarkable exam is meticulously designed by experts to provide students with a comprehensive 360-degree analysis of their performance aligned with their goals. With FIITJEE’s guidance, students will be guided on the right path towards achieving optimum success.

The Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic and Scholarship Exam is an unprecedented opportunity for students in classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI to identify and hone their talents and achieve their career goals with following benefits-:

Understanding current academic capabilities: The exam will offer students a detailed evaluation of their academic capabilities, allowing them to identify areas of strength and weakness. By assessing various aspects of their academic performance, students can gain a significant understanding of their exam preparedness.

Recognising Academic Inclinations for Stream Selection: Another distinctive benefit of this exam is its ability to allow students to recognise their academic inclinations. This recognition serves as the foundation for informed decision-making and helps achieve success in their desired field.

Self-Discovery via Scientifically Designed Tests: The exam’s scientifically designed tests play an elementary role in facilitating students’ self-discovery. This unique approach enables students to uncover their true potential and embark on a successful academic journey.

Moreover, students will also get the opportunity to know their national-level ranking in competitive exams that determine their career path. Since most of the significant career-defining competitive exams and top scholastic exams take place at the national level, it is crucial for students to be aware of their standing at the national level at an early stage.

The multiple test formats for students in different classes gauge IQ and subject proficiency in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology, essential for diverse competitive examinations such as JEE, CUET, NSEJS, NEET, Science, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics Olympiad, among others.

“The Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic and Scholarship Exam is a significant milestone in India’s coaching segment, highlighting our persistent efforts to encourage academic excellence. For students aiming to join FIITJEE, this exam offers a remarkable opportunity with significant academic benefits and studying in an outstanding learning environment in FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Programs and FIITJEE Live Online Classroom Programs. Furthermore, it is an excellent platform for students to demonstrate their talents, recognise their academic strengths, and pave the way for unparalleled success,’’ said Mr Vinod Agrawal, Managing Partner, and Head FIITJEE Dwarka Centre.

“FIITJEE Admission Cum Scholarship Tests are incomparable, and each test is a crucial scientifically designed diagnostic tools that every student requires before starting their academic preparation,” he further added.

The last date of registration for the Dronacharya 360-Degree Diagnostic and Scholarship Exam is January 26, 2024, for the January 28 exam and February 02, 2024, for the February 04 exam. The registration fee for students in classes V, VI and VII is INR 750, while for students in classes VIII, IX, X and XI it is INR 1500. Students can also earn incentives on the registration fee in the form of fee waivers up to 99%*. Please refer for detailed information.

Students can register for the exam by visiting for online registration or by visiting a nearby FIITJEE centre to register via offline mode.

To enrol in FIITJEE’s Classroom or Integrated School Programs, students must take the exam in offline mode only. However, for FIITJEE’s Live Online Classroom Programs, students have the option to take the exam in either offline or online mode.

For more information please visit-

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