Filomilo introduce MCHC Powered calcium tablets for pets at 18th All India Breed Dog Show.

Coimbatore, 04 July 2022: Filomilo is delighted to be a part of the Perfect Paw Fest for Pet Lovers at the international dogs and cat show organized by Anaimalai’s Kennel Club and The Coimbatore Cattery Club in the Coimbatore city. There were about 35 breeds of dogs and 10 breeds of cats that enthralled the visitors. The exhibition started with a display of the native breeds including Tamil Nadu’s native breed – Kombai, Chippiparai followed by the foreign breeds like Pitbull, Rottweiler, Belgian Shepherd, Poodle, Great Dane and Chihuahua who happen to take part in the 18th All India Breed Dog Show.

Brindha Prabhu, Co-Founder, TABPS, Pvt Ltd said: As a token of love and appreciation for pets, we are launching Filomilo Calcium tablets at the event with the SKU of 60 tablets and 120 tablets, powered by MCHC: Each chewable tablet contains Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex (MCHC) which provides calcium, proteins, phosphorus, collagens, vitamins and more. The abundance of calcium in these tablets ensures the remineralization of bones in pregnant and lactating pets. The tablet also prevents Osteoporosis. Regular consumption of the tablets helps prevent osteoporosis, puerperal tetany and other degenerative bone disorders. It is easy to chew and great to consume. As a dog or cat parent, you already know that chewing is always fun for them. Hence, regular consumption improves overall bone health and promotes stronger teeth.

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