Fintechs leading the way to safe and secure transactions

Financial Technology companies or Fintechs as they are popularly called have permeated all aspects of our lives. Enabling instant payments to pay your bills or your child’s school fee or even to the auto guy, all you need to have is a valid fintech account that is linked to your bank account. And you are all set. With changing times, this digital mode of payment has become more safe and secure, which makes it the first choice for consumers. Moreover it is faster than paying through bank or traditional methods like credit card or debit card, truly empowering the consumers. Here are some popular fintechs that have made our lives easier not just with safe and secure transactions, but with other services too.


Paytm, which has infiltrated ordinary people’s lives, offers rapid and secure UPI payments as well as online payments. In truth, the term “online transactions” today usually refers to Paytm in India. After completing online transaction training, everyone from fancy restaurants to street vendors selling goods has risen to the task. To save time and hassle, consumers no longer need to deal with cash and wait for change. Because it is safe, convenient, and time-saving, it is the present and future of online payment in India.


It offers technology-based solutions for all forms of recurring payments. automates the process so that the payment due date, whether weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, is not missed. The Fintech provides companies with an alternative to time-consuming procedures in traditional industry solutions and also saves on manpower, thus being ideal for startups that always need more hands to do more work. Offering a range of payment choices, including ACH, UPI, and cards, as well as a number of digital touchpoints for easy access, including WhatsApp, link push, and a website, it automates payments to vendors, payment of bills as well as payment of salary to employees. Moreover, has direct interface with eight banks, allowing for speedier payment processing.


E-commerce clients can use secure payment gateways with Razorpay. Scammers may swiftly develop payment pages in today’s environment and trick both customers and businesses. Razorpay prevents such anti-social elements from gaining a foothold in this manner. This Indian-based company enables businesses to take client payments, process transactions, and automate payments to suppliers and staff. This signifies that the company’s cash flow is continuous and positive, and it never runs out of working capital.


Instamojo is your go-to payment solution for digital services such as tickets, digital files, or entertainment services. By providing omnichannel transaction status updates, it assists your company in developing a customer-centric retail engagement programme and assuring a dependable experience for both customers and merchants. It accepts over 170 different payment options, including RTGS, NEFT, bank transfer, and EMI. Although the initial setup is free, there are annual costs for each payment method that you wish to utilise.

Bill desk

Bill Desk is one of India’s most famous payment gateways and a government-owned Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit. Bill Desk automates payments for day-to-day bills and utilities such as phone, gas, insurance, ISP, credit card, gas and other amenities through its extensive financial services. While the initial plan is free, if you choose to use extra services, you will be charged. It takes more than 70 currencies, including Indian rupees.

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