FIRE Fit To Light Up Oman Fitness Scene

Media OutReach – 28 February 2022 – Horizon LLC (Horizon) today announced the addition of FIRE Fit to its portfolio of brands, bringing a new and exciting boutique fitness experience to Oman which is sure to set the local fitness scene alight. Scheduled to open in the second half of 2022, the five-studio boutique gym will offer a number of signature programmes across several modalities including boxing, cycling, HIIT and a specialist personal training studio.

FIRE Fit makes it debut in Muscat as a result of a master licensing agreement between
Evolution Wellness Group (Evolution Wellness), Asia’s leading fitness and wellness group, and Horizon Fitness, the largest fitness operator in Oman. The agreement gives Horizon Fitness exclusive rights to open FIRE Fit boutique gyms throughout Oman, beginning with the initial development of a flagship five-studio location.

Azzan Albarram, Chief Executive Officer, Horizon said: “We are delighted to partner with Evolution Wellness Group in this venture and grow our portfolio of fitness brands. The Omani fitness landscape has experienced substantial growth especially in the last decade, owing to growing awareness and consciousness about the need to lead an active lifestyle not just for good health but for overall quality of life, and we feel that there is a lot of opportunity to add vibrancy to the local fitness scene. Having been on the lookout for the right addition to our portfolio for some time, the FIRE Fit brand was the only option that ticked every box for us, because it allows us to deliver a range of specialist classes in dedicated studios, all at the one location, meaning we have maximum market appeal. Along with the personal training option, we feel these unique selling points are the perfect complement to Horizon’s portfolio.”

“Evolution Wellness is excited to announce the award of a master license with the leading fitness brand in Oman and a significant player in the regions fitness industry”, said
Nad Myan, Director of Growth & Innovation, Evolution Wellness. “We are committed to working closely with the Horizon team to ensure that the FIRE FIT brand is brought to life as a true reflection of such an exciting brand with our unique signature programs and incredible fan engagement. The unique FIRE FIT proposition and extensive support structure allows us to successfully scale around the world at rapid pace”, continued Nad.

FIRE Fit Oman will introduce fitness fans to a number of proprietary Signature programmes, namely:

Forge that body you want with this powerful 45 minutes of strength training and HIIT session. Equipment, bodyweight and whatever it takes to get your muscles working and you walking out stronger, bolder.

It’s the FIRE starter, the original, the one that sparked us off. It’s a cardio blast with HIIT treadmill bursts that work your whole body. 45 minutes of feeling the burn. Then a yoga finisher and that major metabolic boost.

Fight club meets night club. It’s all the power of old school kickboxing, drilled and skilled in a high-energy, high intensity group atmosphere. So tick off that cardio workout and FIRE off that stress relief in just one 45-minute session.

The latest playlist. Relentless trainers. And one spin class that will hit everything. Charge through 30 minutes of extreme terrain, climbing, sprinting and making that grit last all the way to the finish line. That’s not it, move on to 15 minutes of functional training that will FIRE up your upper body, core and legs – leaving no muscles untouched. Then cool down with a quick yoga set for one well rounded indoor cycling workout.

Ignite a real change with FIRE Revolution. We’ve tailored this 45-minute high-intensity programme to help you spark your FIRE with 3 fiery boosts. 1st off, the tech. At Revolution, you’ll work out with our smart fitness reader, Miopod that accurately tracks your heart rate and your progress. 2nd, no class is ever the same. Each time you show up, it’s a different workout to get you fired up. Lastly, you’re never alone. REVOLUTION is all about the community, grinding and sweating together. With a combo like that, there’s no doubt you’ll have a blazing time.

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