Five Tips To Make You A Better Challenger in Apex Legends

We all will agree that the game enthusiasts all over the globe have anticipated Apex Legends undoubtedly. Ever since the game made its debut in the game world, it has captured lakhs and crores of players. Being surprisingly substantial, this game adheres to its own type and competes with predominant games like PUBG and Fortnite.

If you are also plunging into the game sea, you probably want to spin a spoon in Apex Legends. But let me remind you one thing, winning here can be a little challenging if you do not know the proper ways of gameplay. And that is probably the first reason newbie players shun their abilities when entering or prior to joining.

If you are also one of the confused clans, congratulations, you have found your polestar. Hang on! We are going to present five expert tips to ace the legendary Apex Legends.

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Know the dropping spot

Like other Battle Royale games, Apex Legends comes with a dropping move. In the beginning, you have to land on the map from an airship, and then you may start the game. However, this decision is not always yours to take. Certain places are chosen for mass landing or team landing.

So, if you are in a squad, you are inevitably landing on the selected spot. But let us say you have the opportunity to choose. You can either pass that decision to someone else or take it very carefully. You may avail of the solo flying option as well. But spreading all over is not always a wise decision. Make sure you inform your playmates about your moves.


Since the game is all about team effort, communication is the key to win a match. You may use the voice chat option for communicating with other teammates. This will help you the most while playing. But let us suppose you do not want to use the voice option. Well, if you are a chat person, you may comfortably do that by answering in short terms like yes and no.

Additionally, you may mark the places where you have seen the enemy for warning the teammates. Whatever you do, make sure each player in the squad knows everything. Otherwise, the game eventually becomes a mess.

No fall damage technique

Many do not know that Apex Legend comes with a fantastic feature that most other Battle Royale games do not provide. In some other game, you may be injured if you are jumping off a cliff. Great heights may cause fall damage to you and thereby reducing the effectiveness. But Apex Legend lets you fall or jump from an eternal abyss.

What’s surprising is that you will not receive fall damage after the action. That means you may jump from any height to save yourself or maybe escape the gunfire. Use this feature wisely and protect yourself.

Ace Hot Zones

The main motto of Apex Legend is to take what is yours. And for doing so, you need to follow the Hot Zones on the map. Basically, these areas are filled with rewards, powerful weapons, and armors. You will be stuffed with equipment to slay the game like a pro if you can loot this.

But be careful while doing so, because each player is attracted to the same thing. Hence acing the Hot Zone is a little challenging. Use the map carefully and follow the blue spot. Conquering may seem difficult at first but do not lose hope

Don’t quit immediately

This may seem dumb to some people, but it comes from my personal experience. Quitting the game just after death may seem logical, and joining a new group is what people generally do. Obviously, who will watch a bunch of randoms for the next twenty minutes?

However, if your teammates can manage to grab a banner from the death spot, they may revive you and get you back in the game. So, my suggestion here is you wait for some time after death and see what happens.

Final thoughts

Ever since the release of this free-to-play Battle Royale game, it has been growing fast. Within a couple of weeks, the game has managed to attract almost 2.5 million players. And they are pretty regular. Pretty amazing, right?

Well, playing Apex Legends for the first time may seem like a hurdle. But they provide training. So you may consider practising first and then entering the actual lobby once you master the art of holding weapons and aiming. Now, that does not sum up everything. You need to know some hacks for winning. Use the above mentioned tips in your game, and you’ll be a pro momentarily.

Good luck!


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