Flight searches soar as travelers seek new horizons: KAYAK unveils the trending destinations for July

Indian travelers are embracing a thirst for new experiences, with Madurai taking the lead as the most trending domestic destination*

Auckland in New Zealand stands out as the international destination seeing the biggest surge in flight searches*

Travelers eyeing Asian destinations such as Hong Kong and Tokyo can unlock great deals, reducing their flight budget by up to one-fourth*

The latest flight search data analysis from the world’s leading travel site KAYAK reveals a noteworthy surge in flight searches, both on a domestic and international scale and provides insights in the most trending destinations for the month of July 2023.

According to KAYAK.co.in, domestic flight searches for travel in July witnessed a jump of about 42% compared to the prior year, while international flight searches increased by about 7%*. The list of the most trending domestic destinations that saw the largest surge in flight searches compared to the previous year, is led by Madurai, with a remarkable spike of about 159%. Despite a significant 35% growth in flight prices as compared to last year, Madurai retains the top spot. Following closely, Varanasi secures the second spot with a substantial increase in flight searches of about 110% compared to last year, while Bhubaneswar captures the third position doubling in flight searches compared to the same period in 2022, although the average flight prices to these destinations have seen a minor uptick 6% and 3% respectively when compared to last year’s prices.

Internationally, the destinations that gained increased attention from Indian travellers include Auckland, Jeddah, and Colombo with an upswing in flight searches of about 320%, 195%, and 191% as compared to 2022, respectively*. Majority of the top five most trending destinations have experienced a drop in flight prices or remained stable. This makes it an excellent time for Indian travellers to plan a trip to Hong Kong, where the average return flight price is ₹39,109 which is a quarter less than it was last year. Taking a plane to Jeddah or Tokyo will cost travellers 14% less than last year on average, while flight prices to Auckland and Colombo remained flat.

Most trending domestic destinations for travel in July 2023*

Based on flight searches made on KAYAK.co.in

Average Return Economy flight price for travel in July 2023

Average percentage in searches change compared to 2022

Madurai, Tamil Nadu



Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh



Bhubaneswar, Odisha






New Delhi



Most trending international destinations for travel in July 2023*

Based on flight searches made on KAYAK.co.in

Average Return Economy flight price for travel July 2023

Average percentage in searches change compared to 2022

Auckland, New Zealand



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Colombo, Sri Lanka



Hong Kong



Tokyo, Japan



Tarun Tahiliani, India Country Manager at KAYAK, said, “Our data reveals the most trending destinations for the month of July, highlighting travelers’ openness to venture into new realms, immerse themselves in diverse cultures, and unlock extraordinary experiences in Madurai, Varanasi, Auckland, and Jeddah. What’s even more enticing is the possibility of enjoying lower flight prices, as certain international destinations have witnessed a drop in flight costs compared to last year. With the help of KAYAK’s tools and tips, travelers can further optimize their travel budgets, ensuring a truly memorable journey while getting a great deal.”

KAYAK travel tips for travel in July

Use a travel search engine: KAYAK has the tools and filters to help you find great deals, including the Explore feature, which shows destinations by price. Before planning your journey, check the latest travel restrictions in your destination.

Set a price alert: As one of KAYAK’s most popular features, price alerts help travellers save money by alerting them when prices change for a flight or hotel they want. If a flight you’re eyeing drops in price, KAYAK will alert you so they can lock in that new price, helping you save both time and money.

Manage and stay up to date with your travel: KAYAK has built the trips feature on its app and website, that allows users to plan, build and manage their itineraries for travel of any length, in any location. The platform allows users to get real-time updates on any cancellations, stay informed about unexpected changes, delays or gate changes that may arise and even find their luggage on the right conveyor belt after landing at the airport.

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