Forge Your Victory with the Blacksmith Unit in Defense Derby

KRAFTON has recently introduced the formidable Blacksmith unit in their tower defense game, Defense Derby, and here’s your guide to maximizing its potential.

The Blacksmith unit is a new physical-type human faction unit introduced in Defense Derby that enhances hero attack power and speed with its forge ability. The Blacksmith unit can be acquired through the Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, or the Shop of Blessings.

The Blacksmith unit is a valuable addition to your Defense Derby deck. Here are some tips to harness the unit’s power and win battles:

Boost your hero’s performance:

The Blacksmith unit’s forge ability can be used to enhance your hero’s attack power and speed, making them more effective in battle.

2. Place Blacksmith units strategically:

Blacksmith units should be placed in strategic locations to maximize their effectiveness. They work best when placed near your hero or other physical-type units

3. Create powerful synergies:

Blacksmith units work best when combined with other physical-type units, such as the Knight or the Berserker. This combination can create a powerful force that can take down even the toughest enemies.

Try it out today and win your next battle!

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