Fountain India appoints Mr Chetan Chaube, a Visionary Leader driving Growth, as Head of Sales

National, September 22- Fountain India is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Chetan Chaube as Head of Sales, ushering in unprecedented growth in a new era of leadership. With over 15 years of diverse experience spanning sales, business development, operations, and project management, Chetan brings with him a robust skill set and an excellent reputation for relationship building, high performance, and team leadership.

Before joining Fountain India, Chetan led enterprise sales at Apna, a prominent Indian job search platform for blue and grey-collar workers. His tenure at Apna illuminated the potential for process enhancements and automation in addressing India’s high-volume hiring needs. The alignment of Fountain’s global mission with the opportunity to create transformative solutions in India, given his successful track record in startups like Apna and OYO, made Mr. Chaube’s decision to join Fountain India a natural fit.

With a focused and clear vision for Fountain India, Chetan commented, “I envision Fountain India as the driving force behind blue-collar hiring in the country, aiming to bring 20–30% of blue-collar hiring within the Fountain umbrella. My strategies for growth include building a client-focused team, swift adaptation to market demands, addressing pain points with a client-first approach, and tailoring solutions for each client. I will foster a customer-first, product-led approach to align the sales team with Fountain’s broader objectives.”

Nurturing a high-performing sales team is a priority for him, and he plans to cultivate the right culture, leverage individual strengths, and implement regular 360-degree feedback. He aims to create a collaborative and motivated work environment that resonates with the company’s vision. Recognizing industry trends, Chetan also acknowledges the growing importance of automation and product-led solutions, particularly in blue-collar and grey-collar hiring.

Maintaining a customer-centric approach is paramount. Chetan plans to introduce detailed frameworks and playbooks to guide the sales team’s interactions while also enhancing customer satisfaction through feedback channels, NPS surveys, and analytics reports. Fountain India eagerly anticipates the future under Mr Chetan Chaube’s leadership, aiming to achieve new milestones in the Indian market.

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