Freedom From Diabetes Organizes Diabetes & Stress Management Session For Navi Mumbai Cops

Mumbai, May 21: India’s leading organisation specializing in Diabetes Reversal – Freedom from Diabetes (FFD), as part of its CSR initiative, held a diabetes and stress management workshop for the Navi Mumbai Police at the headquarters in Panvel on 1st May. The session was organised for both the Police personnel and prison inmates to create and raise awareness about the wellness and health on the occasion of Maharashtra Day. Around thirty individuals participated in the workshop that was conducted by FFD’s Dr Shubhankar Mahapure on diet and exercise, Dr Raja Singh on medicinal aspects and the Founder – Dr Pramod Tripathi concluded with a deep meditation session. At the end of the programme, participants were offered FFD’s nutritious Green Smoothie – a special concoction of greens, fruit, herbs, spices, and an assortment of other ingredients that make it naturally alkaline.

From the Navi Mumbai Police headquarters, Mr Mandar Naik, Assistant Commissioner of Police; Ms Pratibha Shinde, Assistant Commissioner of Police and Mr Balasaheb Zende, Senior Police Inspector were among those who participated in the session.

“During the programme, we learnt first-hand that the Police do not have fixed duty hours and this affects the biological rhythm. There is no fixed schedule and at times while on duty, they have to make do with unhealthy street food to suffice their hunger. Physical exertion throughout the day doesn’t allow them to spare separate time for exercise. Additionally, the job is extremely stressful which also affects mental health,” says Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, FFD.

The doctors conducting the session, advised about changes the Police could incorporate in their dietary habits. Going completely off-milk, dairy and bakery products was strongly recommended. The workshop stressed on the importance and implementation of exercises in managing and preventing metabolic disorders.

“We also suggested that opting for quarterly medical tests can be done to keep a check on overall medical fitness. We specifically informed them about HbA1c being an important clinical marker for Diabetes and Fasting Insulin for Insulin Resistance. Unlike a lot of us, the Police don’t have the privilege of dedicated family time or even for festivals. At FFD, we want to help alleviate the stress that our Police endure and the recent programme turned out to be great. Not just the Police but some inmates also participated and it was a valuable learning experience for us too,” concludes Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, FFD.

Dr Pramod Tripathi is the pioneer of diabetes reversal in India. Through FFD, he has been making efforts to raise awareness, educate and eradicate myths on diabetes. Since 2013, FFD has helped over 13,000 diabetics to become free from dependency on insulin or diabetes medicines and is aiming to free 100,000 diabetics by 2025.

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