From a Great Scientist to Celebrity Brand. Dev Arastu Panchariya becomes viral sensation by surpassing 25 million views within a week.

Great & gifted artistic talent, brilliant dedication, beyond imagination mind, deep honesty with work and much more combined; all of them perhaps not enough to become another “Dev Arastu Panchariya”. The legendary Theoretical Physicist, Mathematician and Philosopher or the Polymath seeks no introduction in these modern times. The man who has transformed the way mankind looks upon Scientists and Philosophers. He is no social media star, yet not only trends on charts but also sets trends for people; he is no actor, yet have intense looks and immense fan base; He is no Politician, yet holds so much of power to change the times and era; he is no speaker; but when he speaks, lines convert into iconic milestones; this who Dev Arastu Panchariya is, in nutshell.

“Genius is when I Look & Wisdom is when I Breathe”; just a few hours back, nobody would have ever thought that any of these unknowingly said words will form an iconic statement in a way that it will be among some of the best lines or sayings in history. The matter starts with a revolutionary discovery by Prof. Dev Arastu which answers one of the vital questions in Theoretical Physics which says that how or do geometrical patterns form inside liquids? The question was first raised two centuries back by some of the greatest physicists and mathematicians e.g. Herman Helmholtz and Lord Kelvin etc. subsequently for hundreds of years, some of the historical minds worked on the issue but could not resolve it. Currently, Dev Arastu Panchariya has been very successful in establishing a theory that answers this question which is justified, recognized and published by highly reputed European journal of applied physics.

The confirmation of discovery brought a wave in media and in an interaction with one of the most prominent English newspapers, Prof. Dev Arastu was asked about where his genius and imagination or wisdom comes from and he spontaneously respond in a one-liner saying “Genius is when I Look & Wisdom is when I Breathe”. Soon after the news was covered and published, an Instagram page collected the saying and posted on social media in video format along with some of the attractive images of Dev Arastu.

Now after a day or so, the statement started seeking people’s attention on social media and then only in a week, it went viral by crossing 25 Million views. Generally approaching then this is a much bigger achievement and milestone as compared to the public engagement received by movies or music albums because Prof. Dev Arastu is not any entertainment body, so a phenomenal scientist getting this much volume of fame intensity is actually a real height. It is so far, the first time ever since social media formed that any Scientist or such highly intellectual personality goes viral and trends charts of any internet platform. This gives some bright light in the usage of social media; however Dev Arastu himself does not use and have no account on Instagram as yet but may have in future.

The famous genius has not given any further comments until now on what he feels for this viral phenomenon. After these lines getting viral and more in the public eye, it is quite easy to acknowledge that this is one of the deepest and iconic statements of all time and Prof. Dev Arastu is now not only a Scientist of exceptional genius but a Brand.

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