From Biryanis and condoms to Jalebi-Fafda and bowls of soup: Here is what India Swiggy’d this cricket season

~ Indians ordered 212 Biryanis per minute on Swiggy this cricket season ~

~ A single user from Delhi ordered a whopping 701 samosas throughout the season ~

~The highest single order was for ₹26,474 ~

May 30, 2023: India’s match season witnessed an astounding display of ordering frenzy alongside some nail-biting match endings. As Chennai walked home
with the coveted trophy last night, another crowd favourite, the Biryani too clinched the title for the ‘Most ordered dish’, as customers placed a whopping 12 million or
212 biryani orders per minute this cricket season. For every veg biryani ordered, a staggering 20 non-veg biryanis
graced tables across the nation.

From the first match to the grand finale, the tournament showcased exceptional cricketing talent. Swiggy’s users also took food and grocery orders to the next level.

Swiggy’s fleet of delivery partners traveled a mind-boggling
33 crore kilometers to satisfy those food and grocery orders, bringing convenience and joy to people’s doorsteps throughout the season.

The fastest delivery this season took only
77 seconds and was done in Kolkata. Not the cricketing chart but Bangalore dominated the food leaderboard with over
12 million orders during this cricketing season.

Swiggy India joined the finale’s excitement, sparking a social media frenzy with tweets on ordering trends, many of which went viral. Here is a compilation of Swiggy India’s tweets unveiling ordering trends on the
app during the cricket season:

Note: The above findings are based on an analysis of orders placed on Swiggy and Swiggy Instamart from March 31 to May 29, 2023.

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