From Mumbai, India’s First Female Motorbike Vlogger RiderGirl Vishakha Sets Out on an International Road Adventure to Nepal

New Delhi, 8th June 2023 – RiderGirl Vishakha, India’s trailblazing female moto vlogger and an esteemed affiliate of Mad Influence, a globally recognized influencer marketing agency, has embarked on an audacious solo motor trip from Mumbai to Nepal. This extraordinary journey not only showcases RiderGirl Vishakha’s indomitable spirit of exploration but also serves as an inspiration to her millions of followers worldwide.

Renowned for her captivating travel vlogs and adventurous nature, RiderGirl Vishakha has mesmerized audiences with her unique storytelling style and unwavering passion for delving into uncharted territories. Her solo motor trip to Nepal stands as a testament to her determination to push boundaries and embrace new experiences fearlessly.

Reflecting on her expedition to Nepal, RiderGirl Vishakha remarked, “As a motorbike vlogger, I constantly challenge myself and strive for excellence. This journey is a perfect example of that. A trip to Nepal is more than just an ordinary venture; it symbolizes one’s fervent desire and unwavering determination. I am grateful for the support of my Mad Influence team, who made this remarkable journey possible.”

Throughout her expedition, RiderGirl Vishakha plans to document her thrilling escapades and share them with her devoted fan base. From conquering formidable terrains to immersing herself in Nepal’s vibrant culture, RiderGirl Vishakha’s journey promises to be an awe-inspiring adventure.

Mad Influence takes immense pride in supporting RiderGirl Vishakha on this solo expedition as it aligns seamlessly with their mission to empower and celebrate creators who dare to dream big. RiderGirl Vishakha’s courage and relentless pursuit of exploration embody the spirit of the Mad Influence community.

“We are incredibly proud of RiderGirl Vishakha and her decision to embark on this solo motor trip to Nepal,” said Mr. Gautam Madhavan, CEO of Mad Influence. “She is an exceptional creator who has consistently inspired millions with her adventurous content. We are excited to witness her document this journey and continue motivating others to step out of their comfort zones.”

RiderGirl Vishakha’s expedition to Nepal promises to offer a fresh perspective on the country’s mesmerizing beauty, rich culture, and untamed landscapes. Through her vlogs and social media updates, viewers will have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking scenery, indulge in local cuisine, and witness the extraordinary hospitality of the Nepalese people.

This exhilarating adventure will not only highlight RiderGirl Vishakha’s tenacity but also emphasize the boundless opportunities for personal growth and discovery that await those who wholeheartedly embrace their passion for exploration.

Follow RiderGirl Vishakha’s extraordinary journey to Nepal on her YouTube channel and social media platforms, where she will share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, captivating travel stories, and immersive experiences.

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