G-SHOCK Clear Remix Edition presenting a see-through novel design, in commemoration of the 40 years of unwavering innovation and style!

The CLEAR REREMIX lineup employs see-through material, another new step in G-SHOCK material creativity

G-SHOCK, the trailblazing watch brand renowned for its exceptional durability and visionary craftsmanship, proudly presents the Clear Remix Edition – a special range infusing internal construction with the G-SHOCK identify of toughness. G-SHOCK continuously reconstructs the original in new forms with a vision that overturns the conventional. This spirit of challenge is incorporated in the unorthodox design of these special timepieces — a fitting look to commemorate 40 years of G-SHOCK innovation.

With five distinct models in the men’s segment and two captivating models for women, this series visually expresses their identity with strikingly innovative compositions of components making liberal use of see-through materials. The Clear Remix Edition unveils an extraordinary fusion of see-through materials in bands, cases, dials, LCD displays, and buttons, offering an unprecedented behind-the-scenes glimpse of the inner workings. The module substrate, imprinted with the esteemed G mark and G-SHOCK logo, is revealed through the crystal-clear lens, elevating the aesthetics to a new level of cool and unparalleled sophistication.

The brand added fun design touches to commemorate the 40th anniversary. For instance, the case back displays the artful 40th-anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, while the band loop bears four stars as a homage to this extraordinary milestone. A true masterpiece, the Clear Remix Edition boasts of the first- ever models with a see-through case crafted from clear glass fiber diamide, epitomizing the pinnacle of limited-edition G-SHOCK artistry.

The G-SHOCK Clear Remix Edition transcends the realm of mere accessories; it embodies an individual’s distinctive style statement. This versatile masterpiece effortlessly amps up one’s fashion quotient, whether embracing casual chic or exuding confident formality. As one secures this embodiment of innovation and style, they are not merely possessing a watch – they’re embracing the future while honoring the legacy.

This special edition combines the brand’s iconic toughness with a modern, translucent aesthetic that resonates with the edgy and expressive nature of street style. By lending a futuristic vibe, the G-SHOCK Clear Remix edition aligns perfectly with street culture fashion through its forward-looking design, statement-making aesthetics, and resilient spirit. The versatility of the watches’ transparent colorway allows them to pair well with vibrant and eclectic ensembles, reflecting the fun and dynamic nature of street style fashion.

Embrace the Future, Flaunt the Legacy – G-SHOCK Clear Remix Edition.

G-SHOCK Men Clear ReRemix Edition DW-5040RX-7 priced at INR 15,995/-; DW-6940RX-7 priced at INR 9995/-; DWE-5640RX-7 priced at INR 15,995/-; GA-114RX-7A priced at INR 10,995/-; GA-2140RX-7A priced at INR 9495/-. G-SHOCK Women Clear ReRemix Edition GMA-S114RX-7A priced at INR 11,995/-; GMA-S2140RX-7A priced at INR 9995 /- respectively. These collections are up for grabs at exclusive Casio India & G-SHOCK stores across the country. Customers can also grab this exclusive timepiece online at

G-SHOCK Men Clear Remix Edition:

G-SHOCK Women Clear Remix Edition:


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