Galaxy Macau Unveils “Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience” Today A New Exhibition Captivating Audiences to Explore the Art of the Eggs with Renowned Dutch and New York Artists

Media OutReach Newswire – 28 June 2024 – As a significant extension of Galaxy Macau™ Integrated Resort (“Galaxy Macau”) in art and culture, GalaxyArt continues to explore and introduce both local and international arts’ representative works, presenting high-quality art exhibitions to tap into their interplay role as “Tourism plus Culture”. Organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), the new exhibition, “Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience” officially launched today. GalaxyArt and Galaxy Promenade, have been transformed into a whimsical world of eggs, featuring large-scale interactive art installations by renowned Dutch public installation artist Henk Hofstra and “The Egg House” team from New York. These installations explore the hidden marvels of life, the power of art, the magic of love and the wonders of sustainability in this whimsical, thought-provoking journey.

(From left to right) Ms. Vivian Cai, Creative Director of The Egg House from New York; Ms. Hazel Wong, Executive Vice President of Retail at GEG; Mr. Cheang Kai Meng, Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government; Mr. Cheng Wai Tong, Acting Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office; Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer—Macau of GEG;Mr. Henk Hofstra, the artist from The Netherlands and Ms. Vita Wong-Kwok, Curator of the exhibition celebrated the opening of the “Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience” exhibition hosted by GEG.

This exhibition is supported by the Macao Government Tourism Office and Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government. The opening ceremony was graced by Mr. Cheng Wai Tong, Acting Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, and Mr. Cheang Kai Meng, Vice President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government. Also in attendance were Ms. Vita Wong-Kwok, Curator of the exhibition; Mr. Henk Hofstra, the artist of the “Eggs Fall from the Sky”; Ms. Vivian Cai, Creative Director of The Egg House; Mr. Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer — Macau of GEG; and Ms. Hazel Wong, Executive Vice President of Retail at GEG.

In his speech, Mr. Kevin Kelley remarked, since its inception in July 2021, GalaxyArt has been actively collaborating with the Macau SAR Government and relevant associations to organize various cultural and artistic events. These efforts are part of GEG’s unwavering commitment to supporting the diversified development of arts and culture, sports, and tourism in Macau. He said, “Eggspression exhibition is another demonstration to our vision and intention. Eggs are a common food across diverse cultures and serve as an emotional bond connecting us with the world. This exhibition magnifies everyday objects, reminding us that art is present in our daily lives.”

Henk Hofstra, the renowned Dutch artist, presents his masterpiece “Eggs Fall from the Sky”. This art installation is exhibited large-scale indoor for the first time, with the aim of raising awareness about global warming.

Henk Hofstra, the renowned Dutch artist, presents his masterpiece “Eggs Fall from the Sky”. This art installation is exhibited large-scale indoor for the first time, with the aim of raising awareness about global warming.

Bringing the large-scale egg art installations to Macau for the first time, Mr. Henk and Ms. Vivian both expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the organizer, Galaxy Entertainment Group for inviting them to participate Eggspression Exhibition. Mr. Henk talked about his creative concept of the works in this exhibition, “All my projects have something to do with how we see things, what is happening, where we come from, what we do and what we do with our planet.” The fried egg is one of his egg projects meanings, which he has great hopes of appealing to everyone to concentrate on the current situation of global warming. The Egg House has traveled to many vibrant cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. Ms. Vivian said, “Today, we are thrilled to bring it to Macau, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic blend of traditions. Macau’s unique energy and its appreciation for creativity make it the perfect setting for our exhibition.”

In the midst of the immersive art exhibition craze, GalaxyArt encourages curator and artists to present diverse creative forms, inspiring the audience to open their “infinite minds”. “Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience” revolves around eggs symbolizing life, new beginnings, wellness, love, wisdom, and infinite energy, sparkling contemplation on art, life and the world as well as their intimate connection. During the exhibition, eight selected restaurants at Galaxy Macau will offer limited-edition dishes themed around “Eggspression”, providing a nourishing experience for both body and mind. Additionally, GalaxyArt will host lucky draw and themed workshops, creating a delightful artistic journey for visitors at Galaxy Promenade.


The “Loving Birds”, specially created by Hofstra for “Eggspression” exhibition, emphasizes the importance of life, love, wellness, and positive energy.

“Eggs Fall from the Sky” First Debuts in Macau

The first part of the exhibition features “Eggs Fall from the Sky”, a masterpiece by Henk Hofstra, marking its first appearance in Macau and its first large-scale indoor display globally. The enormous “sunny egg” installation is not only visually striking but also aims to raise awareness about global warming. Resembling the sun, these installations offer visitors the warmth of sunlight at Galaxy Promenade and GalaxyArt in the season of summer. Hofstra has also created a unique egg-shaped installation called “Loving Birds” for this exhibition, adorned with heart-shaped eggs, flower petals, clouds, and trees, emphasizing the importance of life, love, wholesomeness, and positive energy.

Henk Hofstra is renowned worldwide for his passion for transforming everyday objects into captivating large-scale public art installations. His exhibitions span from Rotterdam to Saint Petersburg, New York to São Paulo, Bilbao to Lisbon, and Beijing to Wuhan. Hofstra’s creations cover different themes, including animals, plants, and landscapes. He often presents his work in novel and striking ways, encouraging people to explore the world from fresh perspectives and think about important issues.

Artists have transformed their imagination of an egg named Ellis into this

Artists have transformed their imagination of an egg named Ellis into this “Egg House”.

New York Artists Recreate the Marvelous Dream of Eggs

The second part of the exhibition showcases “The Egg House”, a multi-sensory experience created by Biubiu Xu, the founder of Sense Creation Inc., along with a group of young artists and designers from New York. Vivian Cai serves as the key creative director, bringing “The Egg House” to Macau. This thematic installation exhibition has captivated audiences of all ages and attracted over 200,000 visitors when it first debuted in New York in 2018, successfully paving the way for a global tour.

“The Egg House” features Ellis, an egg whose name evokes the whimsical story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The artists ingeniously blend egg elements into the foyer, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom, making every corner filled with surprises and transforming the ordinary egg into something extraordinary. In this vibrant “home”, visitors can interact with the exhibits and immerse themselves in a joyful atmosphere shared with friends and family, making it an unmissable photo spot.

Talented chefs from Galaxy Macau have created limited-edition dishes inspired by eggs specially for the “Eggspression” exhibition.

Talented chefs from Galaxy Macau have created limited-edition dishes inspired by eggs specially for the “Eggspression” exhibition.

Not to Be Missed: Art-Inspired Flavors by Master Chefs

When eggs return to the kitchen, under the conceptual and culinary skills of master chefs, they continue to transform, nourishing delicacies in diverse ways. During the exhibition, talented chefs from Galaxy Macau will create limited-edition dishes inspired by eggs and incorporating holistic health concepts, unlocking the extraordinary “flavor” hidden in this seemingly ordinary ingredient.

Chef André Lai, Executive Chef of Andaz Kitchen at Andaz Macau, uses eco-friendly ingredients to create three dishes showcasing the flavors and forms of eggs.

Chef Yorick from Raffles Lounge & Terrace focuses on sustainable ingredients—namely free-range eggs and organic chicken—combined with colorful vegetables, paying homage to Hofstra’s masterpiece “Eggs Fall from the Sky”.

Chef Ricky Wu from Blossom Palaces celebrates the versatility of eggs and their place in Chinese culinary history with his rendition of Stir-fried Egg Whites, a dish complementing the marvelous texture of crab roe, pumpkin, and sea urchin.

Chef Raymond Chan from Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant champions the flavors and ingredients of his hometown Chiu Chow with an elegant take on Marinated Soft-boiled Egg and Cold Threadfin Fish.

Chef Kin Ng from Putien reimagines the ubiquitous egg with his Steamed Egg Whites with “yolk” and Alaskan King Crabmeat, an ingenious interplay of flavors and textures.

CHA BEI presents a series of four colorful and whimsical mini-gateaux co-created by award-winning pastry master Lok Him Yam, and Chef Jacky Lung, Greater China Champion of World Chocolate Masters, along with a refreshing drink and an array of healthy dishes featuring the use of organic eggs.

The chef from Café de Paris Monte-Carlo pays homage to Henk’s “Loving Birds” with a refreshing salad, recreating the lush background with organic garden greens, and the two birds with Japanese organic eggs.

Passion. by Gérard Dubois features a new mille-feuille made with a buttery flaky crust, curry vegetables, smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese, and topped with a tantalizing onsen egg.

During the exhibition, guests who has the admission ticket will be eligible for a 20% discount on selected “Eggspression” dishes and drinks at the designated restaurants.

Eggspression – An Immersive Art Experience

Exhibition Period: 10am-10pm, June 28 to October 7, 2024 (Free Admission)

Exhibition Venues: Galaxy Promenade and GalaxyArt at Galaxy Macau

Gastronomy Partners: Andaz Kitchen, Raffles Lounge & Terrace, Blossom Palaces, Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant, Putien, CHA BEI, Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, Passion. by Gérard Dubois

Galaxy Macau: Macau’s Summer Playground

This summer, by introducing a playful vibe and a sense of wonder, Galaxy Macau is set to transform any ordinary summer’s day into a fun-filled adventure!

Playtime begins in the Diamond Lobby where on one side is the “Splash & Snap”, an ingenious combination of lighting, water and special effects, offering you a taste of the thrill that awaits you at the Grand Resort Deck—without getting wet! On the other side is the “Play & Win” giant capsule toy machine that gives away air tickets, hotel stays, luxury brand products, Grand Resort Deck annual passes for two, and more prizes totaling worth $8 million! Simply become a Galaxy Ultimate member by September 1st and accumulate a daily spending of MOP 300 or more within Galaxy Macau, or present your hotel room key or tickets to Galaxy Arena or Broadway Theatre within 7 days, to join in the lucky draw.

In addition, a variety of seasonal delicacies from multiple countries will fill the entire summer celebrations with enticing aromas. This summer will also see the opening of prestigious dining establishments such as three-Michelin-starred sushi master Masaaki Miyakawa’s first sushi restaurant outside of Japan, “Sushi Kissho by Miyakawa”, and “Teppanyaki Shou”, overseen by a seasoned master chef from Japan. These restaurants offer the ultimate Japanese culinary experience. From July 18 to 31, the 10th Malaysian Culture and Food Festival will make a grand return. Guests can explore the charm of Southeast Asia at the pop-up Market in East Square and discover Malaysian national treasures at the buffet dinner in the Oasis. Popular restaurants, including Hong Kong’s celebrity favorite “Waso Café” will also make a grand appearance during the summer holidays.

What better place to spend the summer holidays than the Macau’s Summer Playground of Galaxy Macau.

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