Games24x7 co-founder and co-CEO Bhavin Pandya joins the Advisory Board of Hemkunt Foundation

India, September 28, 2022: Games24x7, India’s most valuable multi-game platform, strengthened its partnership with the Hemkunt Foundation with the joining of its co-founder and co-CEO Mr. Bhavin Pandya on the advisory board of the philanthropic organization.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bhavin Pandya said, “It’s a great honour to join the advisory board of Hemkunt Foundation. The organization is doing magnificent work for the betterment of society and their credo ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ – ‘Welfare for all’ is commendable. The shared aim of child welfare has brought us together. I believe that every child should get an opportunity to live and experience life to the fullest. This association offers a tremendous possibility to make a huge impact on the lives of disadvantaged children. I look forward to an inspiring and enriching journey ahead.”

Games24x7 has been associated with the foundation since July 2021 and worked relentlessly towards the cause of child welfare including but not limited to, improving access to education, improving nutrition, bridging the digital divide in education, and providing training and access to healthcare.

Speaking on the occasion, Sardar Irinder Singh, Founder, and CEO, Hemkunt Foundation acknowledged the tremendous support extended by Games24x7 for various welfare initiatives in the past year. Welcoming Mr. Bhavin Pandya onboard, he added, “Mr. Pandya’s influence in industry and academia shall help garner all possible support for the noble work being done by the foundation. This collaboration shall further amplify the visibility and efforts of the foundation. I am delighted at the prospect of carrying forward our association and working towards the cause of child welfare and skill development of underprivileged children.”

The Hemkunt Foundation Gurukul in Chalpi Khurd, district Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh is being developed to improve the lives of children of one of the most underprivileged parts of India. With the vision to build a self-sustaining ecosystem, this project is sure to be one of its kind addressing the development requirements of children of all age groups. Games24x7 has been a generous supporter of this project. As an acknowledgment of Games24x7’s contribution thus far, and Mr. Pandya’s association and commitment to the Gurukul, Hemkunt Foundation has decided to name the institution’s science laboratory as the ‘Games24x7 laboratory’.

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