Generation India receives the ‘NGO of the Year’ award at the 5th Edition of Corporate Social Responsibility Summit & Awards 2022

India, 8 August 2022: Generation India, a pioneer non-profit organisation that trains and places people of all ages into life-changing jobs, has achieved the ‘NGO of the Year’ award in the 5th Edition of Corporate Social Responsibility Summit & Awards 2022.

Sharing his views on the milestone, Arunesh Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Generation India, said, “Generation India is pleased to receive the best NGO award and indeed humbled by this honour. I dedicate this award to our hard-working and passionate team, our partners and our learners for their persevered support and trust in our work. Such a respectful recognition undoubtedly heightens our motivation and gives us the added courage to march forward with our mission of improving employment outcomes globally.”

Generation launched less than eight years ago, and in that time has scaled rapidly to meet the challenges of global unemployment — challenges that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. To date, Generation has more than 60,000 graduates across 16 countries. Within 3 months of program completion, 83% of graduates are placed in jobs and they see a 3–4x income increase over what they were making prior to Generation. We’ve worked with more than 8,500 employers, and 65% of graduates over the past 12 months have been hired by repeat employer partners. And Generation’s results are durable — two to five years after the program, 70% of alumni continue to meet daily financial needs, ~40% are saving for the future, and 81% are confident about their ability to achieve their professional goals. Generation India recently launched Project AMBER in partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) to drive higher quality skilling, improved employment, and retention outcomes.

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