Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange introduces smart investment options for Indian investors

· Giottus announces a new, innovative offering called Baskets–an expert-curated thematic selection of crypto assets

· Starting at Rs.100, Baskets let you invest in a set of crypto assets with one-click

· Giottus has also launched a SIP feature to help investors automate crypto buying and beat volatility

Hyderabad, February 10, 2022: Giottus, India’s top-rated crypto platform, today announced the launch of two smart investment options for the benefit of all crypto investors and enthusiasts. These include Baskets, expert-curated thematic investments, which augment an investor’s portfolio in the long run, along with a SIP feature to automate and schedule regular buys of popular crypto assets. Both products are designed to help investors expand their crypto portfolio with smarter yet safer investment options starting from just Rs. 100.

Baskets are curated by experts and research analysts. In one click, investors will be able to buy a selection of crypto assets. These assets, conceptualized based on the themes they represent, have immense growth potential. Themes such as DeFi, metaverse, gaming, and meme coins are already popular among Indian investors, and Baskets are specifically designed to meet this demand.

SIP is a proven method of beating volatility in an emerging market like crypto. It helps in building a strong portfolio with an optimized cost. Starting at Re.1 per buy, investors can schedule their SIP on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis at the Giottus platform.

Commenting on the new launch, Giottus CEO Vikram Subburaj, said, “This is an exciting month for the Indian crypto ecosystem. We believe that this is an opportune time for us to release two exciting and innovative products–Baskets and SIP–to help customers build a diversified crypto portfolio. They are conceptualized to ease every investor’s predicament in terms of choosing the right set of crypto assets and timing their trades. We intend to add more product offerings soon, including fixed deposits and staking, that will make our platform a comprehensive suite of financial products for the savvy crypto investor.”

Both the products are currently available on Giottus’ mobile apps and website.



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