Gleneagles Hospital Johor Leads The Way In “Neuro-Innovation” At The 2023 MyNIS Annual Scientific Meeting

– Media OutReach – 8 December 2023 – Gleneagles Hospital Johor (GHJ), in collaboration with the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Johor Branch, and Malaysia Neurointerventional Society (MyNIS), successfully hosted the “2023 Neuroconference: MyNIS Annual Scientific Meeting” on the 2nd and 3rd of December. This two-day event provided a dynamic platform for professionals across various medical disciplines.

From left to right, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir, President of MyNIS, Dr. Kamal Amzan, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Johor, Dr. Md Yuzairif Md Yusof, Consultant Neurointerventional Radiologist of Gleneagles Hospital Johor.

The event was attended by over 70 participants made up of physicians specialising in interventional radiology, radiology, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, primary care, and neuroscience, tackled the evolving landscape of stroke management, and was inaugurated by Dr. Kamal Amzan, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Johor, setting the stage for an intellectually stimulating experience.
Through his speech, Dr Kamal emphasised on the importance of this annual conference, which is held in order to address the healthcare challenges posed by an ageing population and rising non-communicable Diseases (NCDs).
“By investing in the education and training of new professionals in interventional neurology, we take a proactive step towards reducing premature morbidities and mortalities associated with neurological disorders” He said.
“This is not just about healthcare; it’s about maintaining the productivity and vitality of our workforce and ensuring the well-being of our society.” Dr Kamal added.
The agendas encompassed crucial aspects such as patient care, extended treatment windows, early identification and triage, regional planning, intracranial haemorrhage management, and the latest research and guidelines for thrombectomy.
The event was kicked off with a welcome address by Dr. Md Yuzairif Md Yusof, Consultant Neurointerventional Radiologist of Gleneagles Hospital Johor, followed by an opening speech by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khairul Azmi Abd Kadir, President of MyNIS who celebrated the society’s historic progress.
“In its nascent stages, MyNIS encountered challenges, ranging from funding to resources. However, the unwavering passion and dedication of our founding members propelled the society forward,” Dr. Khairul Azmi said.
“Today, MyNIS stands as a beacon of success, showcasing how commitment, innovation, and collaboration can reshape the landscape of neurointerventional medicine,” he added.
The event showcased two specialised tracks: a neurointervention track delving into acute stroke, aneurysm, spinal Dural AV fistula and AVM, as well as a masterclass in stroke.
Day two continued with a hands-on workshop at Gleneagles Hospital Johor, offering participants an immersive experience on procedures, such as Thrombectomy and flow diversion at the Angiographic labs on the ground floor and level 2 of the hospital.
Gleneagles Hospital Johor stood at the forefront of neurological advancements, consistently spearheading initiatives like the 2023 Neuroconference to facilitate dialogue and collaboration among experts. The hospital remained committed to hosting such events, fostering an environment where innovative ideas flourished, with the goal of bettering the landscape of medical expertise. Hashtag: #Gleneagles #Hospital #Johor #Neuroconference2023 #healthcare #strokemanagement

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