Global C-Pop star Tia Lee releases “GOODBYE PRINCESS” music video, collaborates with Grammy Award winning producer

Media OutReach – 13 December 2022 – Global C-Pop superstar Tia Lee Yu Fen released the music video of her
new single “GOODBYE PRINCESS” to much fanfare as plenty of hype was built up along the way with her animation series that amassed a record-breaking 100 million views.


Tia worked with Grammy Award winning producer Swizz Beatz on her comeback song. Swizz Beatz has worked with some of the biggest stars in the music industry, including Madonna, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Jay-Z. But, the
Goodbye Princess project marked a first for him as he had never before produced a Chinese track.
The music video for Tia’s single was produced by Actual Objects, a studio based in Los Angeles that has a hugely successful track record as they have collaborated with leading artists and brands such as Travis Scott and Nike. Set in a fictional fantasy universe, the music video depicts Tia’s transformation from a sheltered icon who is highly scrutinised into a darker, edgier, and more courageous woman who is ready to face any challenge head-on.
“GOODBYE PRINCESS” holds so much meaning for Tia Lee as it documents her journey of empowerment through self-discovery and change. Its success has been nothing short of monumental as the pre-release is expected to become the most successful engagement campaign of all time by a C-Pop star. Tia credited her production team for the emotional impact that was felt by fans. The team’s work on animations, stills, and fashion videography was nothing short of world class from conception to execution.
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