Global NFT-marketplace creator NFTICALLY marks 138% MoM growth in users; highest in the space globally

With a presence in India and Singapore, NFTICALLY has already powered 6300+ NFT stores across 50+ countries.

Since inception it has exhibited 138% MoM growth in users, among the highest in the space globally.

The platform behind iconic global NFT stores like Bollycoin (Dabang Movie NFTs – India), Late Milkha Singh (India), Zipmex (Thailand), and Sportego (UK) – has exhibited topmost security protocols with almost 0% downtime – which is at par with the world’s topmost NFT platforms

More than 50% of premium online stores of NFTICALLY sold out their first collection in less than 24 hours – thanks to embedded marketing, affiliate, and NFT structure automation

07 March, New Delhi: NFTICALLY, the first of its kind global NFT Marketplace creator has taken high strides in powering the most iconic NFT collections since the time of its inception. Over the short span of 6 months, NFTICALLY has enabled 12K+ NFTs and 6300+ listed stores from more than 50 countries across the globe. With an ever-growing number of 24000+ registered wallets on the platform, the B2B SaaS company has experienced an MoM growth of 138% in users – making it one of the fastest-growing NFT platforms in the world.

With every creator and publishing platform now looking to create their own set of transactable digital goods with significant utility, the NFT space has come to the forefront. NFTICALLY has established numerous meaningful partnerships to help brands harness the power of non-fungible tokens. These include market leaders such as Zee Studios, AltiusDAO and BollyCoin among others. As of today, NFTically has powered a total sales of over $500,000 for their clientele. In the coming 6 months, the company is set to back not just iconic Bollywood studios and celebrities but also premier educational institutions, sports teams and real estate companies in launching their NFTs – with expected transactions of over 200Mn USD.

Toshendra Sharma, Founder and CEO, NFTICALLY, said, “This span of time has been nothing short of exhilarating. India as a market is growing with accelerated speed and so is NFTICALLY. As we go forward, our mission at NFTICALLY is to build knowledge resource, trust and transparency in the ecosystem while democratizing access to the same on all levels – including brands, celebrities, artists and buyers.”

While the craze for non fungible tokens is still at a nascent stage in India, numbers show that the field has insurmountable potential to tap into. In the coming months, NFTICALLY has the vision to become a full stack Web 3.0 SaaS provider with their top of the line services to provide users with end-to-end compliance and help them in setting up their own White Label NFT Store, completely removing the dependency on understanding the tech for the process.



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