Go Green this Diwali: Top 5 EV Cabs to opt for a Pollution-Free Celebration

With the festive and holiday season rapidly approaching, people across the country are preparing to embark on journeys to their respective hometowns and celebrate with loved ones. This Diwali, as the festival of lights draws near, the joy of reunion and celebration is accompanied by a growing concern: the inevitable increase in pollution levels due to traditional forms of transportation.

In a time when environmental consciousness and sustainability are paramount, there’s a compelling reason to consider making a different choice this Diwali season. Why not opt for a more sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation that not only aligns with the essence of the festival but also contributes significantly to reducing pollution? Embracing sustainable transportation isn’t just an eco-conscious decision; it’s a way to honor the traditions and values of Diwali. This Diwali let’s light up our lives with sustainable choices that illuminate a path towards a greener, more responsible future.

Here are top five ecologically sound solutions you must adopt this Diwali for your commuting needs:

Evera: All-electric cab service- Evera is one of its kind e-taxi services plying in Delhi-NCR, with the aim to reduce the human carbon footprint, one ride at a time. Their zero-tolerance policy towards the environment as well as the safety of its commuters, emphasized on by well-mannered drivers, and clean interiors, has turned them into the new benchmark for the way taxi services are viewed in India. This cab service offers zero surge charges and has no cancellations. In a short span, the brand has clocked twelve million green KMs across Delhi NCR with the highest per-employee revenue earned in this segment in India. 

BluSmart: an Indian ride-sharing company that provides all-electric ride-hailing services. BluSmart’s mission is to transform Indian cities by building an electric on-demand mobility platform. As of July 2022, the company announced it had saved 4300 plus tonnes of CO2 over 1.8 million rides in Delhi NCR.

Plug Mobility: Promoted by Carzonrent Group, is Electric Vehicle Mobility- as a service – MaaS platform for businesses that enables 4W shared mobility for Corporates, SMEs, Hotels, Airlines, Airports and Government departments/ Public Sector Enterprises in India. Plug is founded with a mission to offer clean and sustainable mobility solutions to its clients. Plug aims to introduce sustainable and safer mobility solutions and be a quintessential part of India’s electric, autonomous and connected mobility dreams. It is building a consistent eco-system to address the challenges in the transition of the entire industry to EV over the next few years.

Uber Green works in exactly the same way as a regular Uber. Same app, same great service. The only difference is that you’ll be riding in a 100% electric vehicle – no hybrids, diesel or petrol – helping to reduce emissions and keep the city’s air cleaner. Just request your trip the same way you would a regular UberX trip. Pick the Uber Green option – you might have to scroll down to see it – and you’re good to go. Going green shouldn’t cost more, which is why choosing an Uber Green trip is just as affordable as requesting a regular UberX trip.

Cab-E is a Green-Tech Urban Mobility Marketplace and they provide an in-house built, Mobile-based Platform, for City, Inter-City and Customized commuting plans with an all-Electric Fleet of Cars at extremely affordable prices. They have already saved 1850+ Tonnes of Carbon-Dioxide for Mumbai City

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